NYX Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer Corrector

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We went to an event at the new NYX Cosmetics stand in Boots in Cardiff and picked up a few new things to try. I’d heard a lot about NYX but hadn’t ever tried anything, so when the invite came through I knew I would be spending a small fortune picking up all the things I had heard about.

One of the items I picked up was the Dark Circle Concealer Corrector – I always seem to have some eye bags and having an extra product to help mask these and prime my under eyes for concealer seems to be a good option for me.


The corrector is available in four colours and I chose ‘Fair’, there is also Light, Medium and Deep.

It contains coconut oil and china clay, these both help to keep the corrector hydrating for the delicate under eye skin and also helps with reflection of light. The orange pigmentation helps to combat the blue tones of the dark circles.



The product comes in a small pot with a screw top lid. Part of me would like this to be in a tube to make it easier to get all of the product out, but I’ve been using my beauty blender sponge to dip into the pot so I don’t get bacteria in it all the time. This means I can use the pointed end to scoop up some product and then apply to my under-eye area with an even layer.

After this I then apply my concealer (currently Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer) and blend this on the top. I find it really covers the under eye bags and the blue tone is significantly less with the corrector.

I find that it needs to be blended very well and sometimes it does crease after 10/15mins of wear, but once it is blended back in again it seems to stay in place for the day.


You can see swatches below, Fair was a very good colour choice for me as it blends in seamlessly almost straight away. I had to lighten the photos so that you could see it! The photos show with and without flash, you can see the peachy tones and the light reflecting particles:

NYX Dark Circle Corrector

NYX Dark Circle Corrector

I’ve been using this a lot over the last few weeks (especially in the run up to my week off!) and it has worked wonders. I’d like to say I’m the kind of person who gets up early and has enough time in the morning to wear a full face, but I don’t always manage to apply this as well as everything else.

However I know what product to turn to when I have the time or have an event to go to like a wedding etc and need the extra coverage. For £6.50 I think it is worth every penny and will last me a while.

Here’s a picture below with the concealer corrector on:

NYX Dark Circle Corrector

What do you think of the product on? Have you tried it?

What’s your favourite NYX product? I’ve found so many amazing products so far!

L xxx

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