Nyx Liquid Suede and Lip Lingerie

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I’ve been meaning to share these on the blog for ages and it’s one of those things I’ve not gotten around to. When NYX arrived in Cardiff it was a happy day, a cruelty free brand that everyone raved about. I couldn’t wait to try it. On my first visit I picked up two of the Nyx Lip Lingeries, after swatching on my hand I was sold they had such a soft mouse like texture that I had to have them.

Nyx Liquid Suede and Lip Lingerie review and swatches

Since then I’ve gotten another and a few of the Liquid Suede. I’ve got the liquid suedes in seductive socialite and soft spoken and the lip lingeries in ruffle trim, push up and bedtime flirt (courtesy of L as she didn’t get on with the shade!). These have lived in my handbag since I picked them up, with the exception of seductive socialite, I love this shade but it’s not an everyday colour. When I wore it to work a colleague talked to me, stared at my lips and said your lipstick if very purple!

Nyx Liquid Suede and Lip Lingerie review and swatches

The liquid suede shades are so soft on the lips, they apply well (the applicator on nyx liquid lipsticks is a bit longer than a normal doe foot applicator so takes a bit of getting used to at first!) and last pretty well. These are some of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks and don’t leave you with that dreaded lipliner look as these wear off.

The lip lingeries dry slightly more matte then the suedes but are still super comfortable these also really last!! These last on me all day. One thing to be wear of with these are the shades are very similar and the colour of your natural lips effects this. Bedtime flirt looks totally different on L and me.


Subversive Socialite

Subversive socialite is a rich blue toned purple, this is one of the liquid suedes so dries semi matte. I do find it needs two coats but it wears well and is easy to reapply, it doesn’t go cakey when layered up.


Soft spoken

Is another liquid suede, this shade is super popular and I can see why. On me it’s a rose toned nude brown. It’s so easy and comfortable to wear and really finishes off most looks. 

Ruffle trim swatch

Ruffle trim

Is the first of the lip lingeries and slightly more orange toned than it’s showing here. I love this as it’s not the tone of nude I normally go for. I’ve been wearing it loads though and the lasting power is amazing.


Push up

Is the lightest nude I can get away with without being washed out. Anything too pale doesn’t suit me as my lips are naturally quite dark. I surprised myself with how much I like this colour!


Bedtime flirt swatch

Bedtime flirt

 You can see the difference in colour on L and I here. On L it’s definitely more brown toned than on me. I originally had this in my hand when I bought the first two but decided against it. On me it’s more pink than the other lip lingeries I have but still nude.

Next on my hit list is exotic. I love the slight red tone to it. These formulations are my favourite of all the liquid lipstick trends as they are matte without being uncomfortable!

Have you got any lip lingeries or liquid suedes? 

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