The Stable Cardiff

Morning all!

We were super lucky last week and were invbited to try out the new menu at The Stable. If you haven’t tried this place yet you absolutely have to!

We’ve been a few times before and sampled the pizzas which we thoroughly enjoyed, but this time they have a new menu with many extras I hadn’t noticed before…including…..Nutella pizza. Actual Nutella on a pizza! Who wouldn’t want to try that out?!

But let’s talk savoury first.

The Stable Cardiff

We decided to choose a pizza and a pie to share between us – many others don’t share food but we find it so hard to decide we absolutely always share. Everything gets cut in half and we swap plates around constantly! It’s definitely a big perk of us being friends and works out well!

We chose the ‘Billy the Kid’ pizza – feta, caramelised onion, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, mozzarella and roasted hazelnuts. What we love about the Stable is that they always add toppings you wouldn’t think would be on a pizza, like the roasted hazelnuts. When it arrived we knew we’d made a good choice:


The Stable

We got stuck in straight away and it was really good, the caramelised onions were really tasty and made a good match with the feta, mushrooms and spinach. The nuts were also really good, they were very small and sprinkled all over, it was nice to have a bit of crunch and I’d definitely order it again.

Next we chose the pie, and we went for the Squish Squash – spiced butternut squash, sweet potato, goat’s cheese, spinach and plum chutney. 

The Stable Cardiff

The Stable Cardiff

The pie was served with some herb roasted potato wedges and a salad with a relish, it was extremely tasty!

The pie was filled to the brim and the pastry was really good, I would love to try the other pies on the menu as they all sounded great too. It was hard to choose but we are currently both choosing to try being vegetarian and test out new recipes and meals at the moment so this was why our toppings and fillings were quite similar. I’m sure we will share more on this with you soon.

The Stable Cardiff


As well as the pizzas and pies, the Stable are also famous for their cider tasting board. How I haven’t tried this before I do not know! I’ve always ordered something I liked the sound of and had the full pint, but this is the best idea – you can choose your own 5, have the guys behind the bar choose 5 for you, or choose the 5 stated on the board. They have such a large variety of cider that you are unlikely to have the same 5 (unless you’re like us and plan to go back enough times to try them all…..!)

They serve you the five 1/3 pints in a rack that reminds us of the test tube racks in chemistry at school, however these are obviously bigger and a lot more fun!
We were also given a menu with the 5 we had been given, so between us we had 10 different ciders and obviously as mentioned above, we shared them all and had a taste of all 10.

The Stable Cardiff

The Stable Cardiff

We are both very much cider lovers anyway but this is a great idea for those who don’t know what they like.n They have a great range of flavours for everyone, just watch for those 7% ones as they are sneaky!

There are also some fabulous sharing platters on the menu, selections of welsh cured meats and cheeses that sound right up our street. As The Stable is so central we go there quite often but will be sure to check out these sharing platters on another visit, food like this is very appealing to us and the cider tasting boards are so addictive!

The Stable Cardiff

The Stable Cardiff

As if that wasn’t enough we then tried some desserts….they have a great range of desserts on offer but we had pretty much made up our minds before going.

The Stable Cardiff


Obviously we ordered the Nutella pizza pudding and the ice cream, we chose the clotted cream vanilla, strawberries and cream and lastly the Cornish Orchards cider sorbet for the full experience.

We were not disappointed, the Nutella pizza pudding was huge! It comes covered with Nutella, mascarpone and chopped hazelnuts. I don’t think I need to tell you that this was a DREAM! You must try it!

The ice cream was also really really good, the vanilla and strawberries and cream were very creamy and had a natural taste. The cider sorbet was great as well, we weren’t sure what it would be like but it’s so refreshing. It’s a pear cider and you can taste this, I can imagine going to the Stable in the summer and ordering a huge bowl of this and sitting in the sun. It’s definitely one to try!

The Stable Cardiff

The Stable Cardiff


All in all it was a really enjoyable evening and we would 100% recommend going there to try out the new menu. The pizza and pie we had were super tasty and were great portion sizes, the cider tasting board is so much fun and a great way to try new things, and if you can go there without wanting to try the desserts then you are completely mad!

Have you been to the Stable? Have you tried their food and drinks?

I’ve already booked in to go back next weekend, not ashamed to admit I will be testing a few more ciders!

L xxx

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