Miss Patisserie in Boots!

Morning all!

Today is a big day for Miss Patisserie, the brand is launching in Boots and we couldn’t be more excited! We were lucky enough to be sent a few products to try so here’s a few quick pictures to show you them.

They have created 7 product lines which will be available in 87 stores, and are currently available online already (although they are out of stock!)

Miss Patisserie x Boots

Miss Patisserie X Boots

The first product we noticed was the Bath Slab – I mean this sounds like an epic bath product to me anyway as who wouldn’t want a bath slab in their life but look how pretty it is!

The colours are gorgeous, and you can actually smell this product through the packaging.

All you have to do with the Bath Slab is break a chunk off and crumble it into warm water, super simple. Ours had a crack in it so it was easy to break, but I can imagine it can be quite difficult to break it off if you are weak like me! Maybe it’s safe to crack it in half and hope for the best…

Miss Patisserie x Boots

Miss Patisserie x Boots

I used about 1/3rd of it in one bath and it turned out like the photo below.

It was very pretty, and I’d love to use a whole bath slab to see what it would look like! There are a few different scents available and I can see the Mango bath slab available on the Boots website already. It costs £5 so if you can get more than one bath out of it you are doing well.

Miss Patisserie x Boots

I’d love to see how many of these they will bring out, and the colour/scent combinations!

We were also sent a Vanilla body souffle (£7) and the Papaya Tea bath melt. The bath melts look like little cupcakes and can be seen below, you just need to remove the wrapper and the flower on top, and then place it into your bath. You can even remove it and reuse the melt over a few baths, so for £4.50 this is another great buy. (However I like to go all out on baths and have as many beautiful colours and create pretty bath art as much as possible!)

Miss Patisserie x Boots

Miss Patisserie x Boots

Are you looking forward to seeing the new range? We’ve tried a few of them before but there are some interesting looking new products we will have to try!

The best part………………….you can buy from the new range in store from TODAY!!!!

Get your credit cards and I’ll race you there, first on my list is another bath slab! What will you be trying??

L xxx

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