Top 5 Cruelty Free Skincare Brands

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Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a relaxing morning. I’m catching up with jobs before going to my friends son’s first birthday party – he’s such a cutie I can’t believe he’s one!

Today’s post is a summary of my favourite cruelty free skincare brands. M made the switch a while ago now and I try my best to buy cruelty free, skincare is much easier for me and I’m just finishing up using some products from before. Make up is a bit more difficult but with brands like Urban Decay, Illamasqua and Make Up Revolution it is a lot easier!

So without further ramble, here’s my top 5 cruelty free skincare brands:

1) Antipodes

Cruelty Free Skincare

We’ve long been fans of Antipodes, and everything we have tried from them has been amazing. I cannot be without the Divine Face Oil, and the Manuka Honey range is perfect with the day and eye creams.

We’ve also reviewed the Hallelujah cleanser and the Grapeseed butter cleanser, Rejoice day cream, Saviour skin balm and the Avocado Pear nourishing cream an d we’ve loved every single one of them!

2) Lush

Cruelty Free Skincare

Lush is an obvious choice but with the new Lush Spa Cardiff store opening up I’ve been back a few more times than usual!

The skincare range is pretty impressive and the fresh face masks are something that we love, I always seem to have a couple in my fridge! These are my current new purchases/all time favourites – the Mask of Magnaminty is amazing and I love putting it on when it’s reeeeeeeally cold from the fridge. I also love the Full of Grace serum bar, my skin drinks it up.

3) Miss Patisserie

Cruelty Free Skincare

Miss Patisserie is one of our favourite brands, they have some spectacular bath products (you can browse our reviews by clicking here – the bath art is seriously impressive!)

At the moment I have a few face masks (Mineral Mud and Walnut Stone) which are great, but I absolutely adore the Coconut Cleansing Bar and the Goji Youth Preserve Facial Cream, my skin has 100% had an improvement since using these. The Coconut Cleansing bar leaves my skin leaving clean but also hydrated, and it’s perfect for travelling with.

4) The Body Shop

Cruelty Free Skincare

The Body Shop has been around for years and I always used to get their bath products for presents when I was younger. However I hadn’t tried any of their skincare until a few months ago.

I’ve been very impressed with the Drops of Youth range, the concentrate is really good and the Bouncy Sleeping mask is too. I’ve recently reviewed the Drops of Youth Facial Peel, and the facial SPF is a rare product that doesn’t make your face totally white but still provides a hefty dose of sun protection! I’m impressed and will definitely be buying more soon!

5) Neal’s Yard Remedies

Cruelty Free Skincare

Neal’s Yard Remedies is another brand we’ve been using for a few years. The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is a particular favourite and let’s be honest, the packaging is stunning!

I’ve also tried a few other products including the Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisture lotion and numerous hand creams (the bee range is next on my list to try!)

What do you think of my favourite brands list? Do you have any favourite products you recommend from these brands?

What cruelty free brands are your favourites?

Let me know so I can try some more!

L xxx

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  1. Antipodes Scientific Organic Beauty
    May 14, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    Hi Laura. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on our skincare range. We're loving this blog post. #loveanimals #lovenaturalskincare

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