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This is another post that’s been a long time coming. We’re both huge fans of Phee’s Make Up Shop and adore her products, including eyeshadows and highlighters.

I’ve written about some of her eyeshadows so if you’d like to read about that you can click here to see the post, today’s will be about the highlighters, and trust me they are worth looking at!

Just look how gorgeous they are!

I picked up three around Christmas time and I’ve been using them ever since, I bought Luna, Bellini and the Mini Rainbow Highlighters all in pan form. I bought these the same time as the eyeshadows to maximise the discount on my first order (25%!) so I bought a mix.

You can see the pans below:


So I’ve obviously been using them for quite a while now but the glow from them is just insane, so I absolutely had to share them with you now that the sun has started to come out and you can really shimmer your way through the day.

Let’s start with Luna:

Phee's Makeup Shop Luna

I absolutely adored swatching these when they first arrived, I couldn’t believe how buttery soft they were and how pigmented they were too. The pigmentation and glow is insane and I was super impressed. Luna is a champagne gold kind of colour and it’s so flattering, here’s a few pictures:

2016-11-12 20.26.51

Phee's Make Up Shop

The photos above show the highlighter on the cheeks, and I love it. It’s not a day one for me unless it’s the weekend because the glow is so GOOD and I can’t get away with that in work as I feel like a disco ball!

I also use the highlighters on the inner corner of the eye and you can see Luna below, I love it!

2016-12-20 08.31.43

Then we have Bellini, this is a peachy colour with gold reflect, so is a very flattering rose gold colour. This colour I wear allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time!

Phee's Makeup Shop Bellini

2017-01-07 18.47.05-1

It’s flattering on my skin and I can put a tiny bit on the brush for a subtle highlight or full on for the best glow factor – the pigmentation is so good and this is another one with a multi use factor. Both me and M have this and we both also use this on our eyelids too for an eyeshadow when we want a subtle shimmery look.

For example M took it away with her so she didn’t need to take multiple pans, it’s ideal for holidays!

2017-01-12 21.47.30

Last we have the mini rainbow highlighter, this wasn’t something I would normally choose which is exactly why I got it.

I love highlighters but normally stick with the similar shades to those above, and I wanted to see what this would look like and see if I was missing out by avoiding different shades. If you follow Phee on instagram (@pheesmakeuptips) you can see her images with amazing different shades of highlighters, so I was inspired!

Phee's Makeup Shop Rainbow

It’s quite difficult to photograph this one as the different shades look great in a swatch but I couldn’t get them when on my face. There are clearly a whole load of beautiful shimmery shades in the pan, and they really are gorgeous on the skin too.

The image below shows the generally amazing glow you can get with this highlight:

2016-12-23 12.24.14

I like using this with a neutral look, so keeping things nude colours and black liner means you can get away with a little more colour!

This isn’t one I reach for all the time, but mostly because I like to save these for a night out which isn’t a regular thing nowadays!

You can see all of my pans from Phee in the image below, I’ve got quite a collection now and I can’t wait to add more. There’s a gorgeous colour called Iris that I need to get when it comes back in!

2017-01-10 08.07.36

Have you tried Phee’s Make Up Shop before? What’s your favourite high light??

I wish my pictures could do them more justice, but I would 100% recommend checking out Phee’s instagram, her images are stunning!

The prices range but they cost £6.50 for the pans and £10 for the compacts (Luna and Bellini), the rainbow highlighter costs £11.50 in compact only.

L xxx

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