The Must Have Wooden Sunglasses from Woodstylz

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With the sun occasionally poking its head out from behind the clouds in our great British summer I thought I’d share these amazing sunglasses I’ve been loving.

Last year whilst at Glastonbury (we’ve shared all of our posts on the happiest place in the world here!) me and C saw a stall selling amazing wooden sunglasses. I’ve never bought any sunglasses for more than £20 as I lose or break them but the Woodstylz sunglasses kept coming into our head so we both decided to treat ourselves and grabbed a pair. We decided our eyes deserved proper polarized decent sunglasses and it’s a decision we’ve not regretted!

Woodstylz are a brand from the Netherlands who not only make the amazing sunglasses we’ve been loving but also have some great phone cases. They use FSC-certified wood which helps produce a great quality product. After we fell in love with them at Glastonbury last year and talking to the guys on the stall we were totally sold. You could really see the passion from them about the product and that it was great quality.

Woodstylz Moru sunglasses

As I said in the begining C and I have never spent money on decent sunglasses, I’m so glad I’ve finally bought decent ones! These sunglasses even though they are wooden they are still going to last, they’re waterproof, can withstand heat and cold, come with a 2 year warranty, offer UVA and UVB protection and are CAT3 lenses. They have a deep tinted lense to offer some great protection.

Until purchasing these I hadn’t thought much about protection levels but both C and I noticed how much less we squint in these and they are so much more comfortable to wear in bright light. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to think about my eyes properly!

Woodstylz Moru sunglasses

I went for the Moru style, I loved the slight cat eye shape of these and found they were a bit more feminine in design. I chose a blue grey shade! They are really comfy to wear and since buying them over a year ago are the only sunglasses I’ve worn since!

woodstylz wooden sunglasses

When we went to Bali towards the end of year I was so glad I had them! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them and recommend them to everyone!

Woodstylz wooden sunglasses

Here is C modelling his in a cafe in Ubud (take me back!!) he went for the Stanton shape – these remind me of a wayfarer shape. His are multitone blue to brown and look awesome!

You can find the woodstylz range here. We purchased ours at a festival so I can’t comment on delivery. 

Are you an expensive sunglasses person or cheap and cheerful?

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