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A few weeks ago L shared her thought on the Kenra Professional Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner (post here), we were lucky enough to get sent the range to try out and got a few different bits to each other in our boxes, so today we thought we’d share our thoughts on the styling range we’ve been testing out, we’ve been trying a few from the professional range including the root lifting spray and the volume spray and a few from the Kenra Platinum range including the silkening mist, revive oil and our absolute favourite the blow dry spray!

Kenra is a brand that is relatively new to the UK, they have some amazing colour ranges (I’m always loving all the brights and pastels on their instagram!) and some great styling products.

All of the Kenra range is packaged in sleek silver and black and all the range looks great on my dressing table but these products have so much more than pretty packaging!

Kenra Volume Spray Review

First up we have the volume spray, you can tell from using this straight away it comes from a professional back ground, this stuff is amazing at holding the hair! This is the perfect hairspray for holding in up-dos as it doesn’t budge, it’s also wind and humidity resistant. It can hold hair for an impressive 120 hours! For me I use this for nights out and occasions as opposed to everyday as it’s a bit too heavy for my hair for that!

Kenra Root Lifting Spray

Next up is the root lifting spray which I’ve used every time since I’ve had it and washed my hair. Unlike a lot of volume and lifting products this doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or sticky and just gives a nice subtle lift and boost to the hair. It comes in a spray bottle and is easy to get straight into the root area of the hair!

Kenra Silkening Mist

The Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist is the perfect hair style finish, it’s gives hair shine, smooths flyaways, helps protect against humidity and holds frizz at bay! This is a lightweight spray that doesn’t leave the hair feeling greasy and just adds a light shine leaving my hair feeling soft.

Kenra Blow Dry Spray

This is the absolute star of the show for me, the Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray !! As someone who bleaches and does a lot of damage to their hair I try to protect it from heat and expose it to as little heat as possible and this is amazing at helping both of these. 

It’s a lightweight spray that protects the hair from heat as well as reducing drying time by 50%, it really does work too, my hair looks so smooth and healthy after using this and it’s so much less knotty!!

Kenra Revive Oil

Last but by no means least is the Kenra Platinum Revive Oil, I’m really gutted as the lid has come off mine and leaked in a box before I realised, I did get to use it a bit before hand though and would definitely try it again as it’s meant to be amazing at improving the hair health and preventing the signs of damage whilst strengthening the hair! Sounds great right and it’s clear. Something my hairdresser told me before which hadn’t crossed my mind was if you want bright blond or platinum hair don’t use yellow toned oils in it!!

This again feels lightweight (who wants heavy products!!) and was easily to distribute in wet hair and you only need the smallest amount so it will last for ages. It can also be used as an intense treatment prior to hair washing to really help the hair, if anyone is thinking of Halloween looks that involve backcombing this would be perfect to use before washing the hair!

Have you heard of Kenra?

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