The End of 2018 and Start to 2019 – Life Update

¬†Well if I thought I was busy before it’s been nothing on the last few months of 2018!

Since the summer I spent August travelling around Europe in five separate trips over three weeks, Bordeaux, Gothenburg, Gothenburg again, Helsinki and then Copenhagen. Then I got home for a few weeks, finished up my job role at the time, went on holiday to Majorca, started my new job, put my house on the market, sold it on first viewing, then found a new place to move to in the area I wanted!

As if that wasn’t enough my new job sent me to China after only a few weeks there for a job at a customer site and then it was time for Christmas and 2018 was almost complete. I can’t wait to share more about this soon!

Life 2019

This isn’t even mentioning that I turned 30 in the first half of 2018, celebrated by doing the zip wire at Snowdon and a week of celebrations with different friendship groups.

I can barely believe it’s 2019 already because time has just flown!! There’s so many things to share and celebrate that I can barely work out where to start.


I had my hair cut recently, twice! The first time I had ~5 inches cut off and it didn’t actually look as different as I felt it would. So in my next appointment I had a few more inches off, and you know I may even have it cut shorter again next time?!

I love Holly Willoughby’s hair but I wasn’t sure if I could cope with having it that short so soon, plus I need to make sure I can tie it back for the gym….next time I’m going to try and be more brave!

Life 2019

2018 was a funny one, I did so much. After a car accident in June 2017 that injured my neck and back, by December I was starting to want to do more things again like going to the gym but I wasn’t quite ready for it. When my colleagues mentioned doing the Wales 3 Peaks challenge in the summer of 2018 it was the perfect starter for me to get back into it. I loved using the opportunity to explore more of Wales and see the views from many of the highest peaks in my beautiful country.

Unfortunately I injured my knee on the day of the challenge (another new injury!) and after hobbling my way up and down the second mountain I knew doing the third might cause more damage and ruin the day for my team mates so I didn’t complete the whole thing. It was very frustrating at the time but I knew it was the best decision. From doing this I’ve progressed my fitness and started working on more and more things to help improve my general health and wellbeing. I’ve always found fitness, health and nutrition interesting but now I’m totally and utterly hooked! Podcasts are my addiction and I want to share more of my favourites with you this year too, but here are a few of my staples.

I’ve copied my personal Instagram’s Best Nine below, you can see how much I loved exploring the mountains and forests of Wales but also the snow sights in Norway (still to share with you!) and my beautiful new bathroom.

Life 2019

If I say so myself its beautiful anyway! I loved finishing my first ever room transformation, I have only painted the other rooms in my house so this was so much fun. I can’t wait to decorate the rooms in my new place, I’ve got big plans considering it’s so small! In fact I’ve been going mad finding new ideas so if you want to see what I’m thinking of doing you can find my ideas on here.

Life 2019

Christmas this year was a quiet one for me and I spent it with my family – Christmas glasses a must. I’m expecting to move out any day so lots of my stuff was packed up at the end of November – it’s been a long process with lots of delays!!

I loved getting out in the fresh air with my dog, rejoining my old gym back in Cardiff and getting ready to start the new year with a bang!

Life 2019

So for 2019 I have lots of plan already, but I’m hoping the move will mean a total lifestyle change too. I can’t wait to get back into a routine with fitness and being able to jump on a 20 minute bus into Cardiff to meet friends, rather than having to drive all the time. I’ve also got a lot of blog posts to catch up on, I’ve not yet shared any of my travel adventures from last year which is an absolute travesty! I’ve got so many stories and tips to share from my trips to Norway, Bordeaux, Majorca and China as well as some great new beauty and hair products.


Fingers crossed 2019 is the best year yet!

L xxx

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