Review: Chloe Perfume

The other day while casually browser twitter I noticed on the Escentual Twitter account were asking if any bloggers would like to review Chloe perfume. Being someone who loves perfumes and smelling new ones I emailed across my details and I was so pleased when I got a reply back saying they’d love to send me one.

Escentual is an online store selling premimum beauty brands at very reasonable prices. They offer free delivery for orders over £30. I for one always hate pay for delivery so was very pleased to see this. Free gift wrapping on orders which is a brilliant touch especially now we are in the fesitive season. Anything that stops me having to wrap presents is a bonus. They also offer priority dispatch which I can confirm. Firstly I can’t believe how quick the delivery was. Escentual provided an excellent service. I emailed my details on Monday afternoon and by Tuesday there was a package on my doorstep when I got home from work. Nothing like a speedy delivery!

Apologies the photos aren’t the best. It’s the standard it’s winter excuse. I leave for work and it’s dark and I return and it’s dark. Bring on spring!

So far I was impressed. Inside my package was the perfume and a branded nail file. I love touches like this in parcels. Any little thing gets me happy. Nothing like opening a parcel and being greated with something extra. I love those little bags of sweets you sometimes get! This nail file has gone straight into my bag.

Onto the perfume before my mind drifts to sweets (I’m now thinking of going to grab cookies). I love the brand Chloe. Their bags are one of the times on the top of if I ever get rich lust list.

Packaging wise I think the perfume is perfect for the brand. It’s classic, chic and a hit of Parisian. I love the addition of the ribbon and the simple Chloe embossed on the silver. This is the original Chloe frangrance and is an Eau De Parfum. This made me happy straight away as I find on me Eau De Toilette scents just disappear ridicously quick so I’m always happier to pay more for a Eau De Parfum.

Chloe is described as

a light and fresh yet seductively strong and self-posessed scent, capturing the creative, confident individuality of a free spirited woman with an utterly innate sense of chic and natural sexiness.

The fragrance playfully twists notions of femininity, taking the classic beautiful rose and translating it with modernity into a vibrant, powdery floral Eau de Parfum. It is translucent, turning warm and seductive, totally addictive.

Top Notes: Peony, Freesia, Litchi.

Heart Notes: Rose, Lily-of-the-Valley, Caribbean Magnolia.

Base Notes: Amber, Virginia Cedar.

I’m not great at describing perfumes so got that from the Escentual’s website. I really like this perfume. It’s really florally which I like and reminds me of a stronger, longer lasting version of Marc Jacobs Daisy. The fragrance is strong and one spritz will do you till the afternoon. It has great lasting power which I love.

I like to think of this is my new grown up scent. I’m trying to get away from Vera Wang Princess and have been trying lots of other perfumes lately and finding I prefer other scents. 

You can really smell the peony in the perfume and the cedar in it gives it a nice fresh edge so it isn’t too over the top. I do think this is quite a strong fragrance on the skin so if you aren’t a fan of strong smells it may be too much for you. I find it works best to do a bit of legally blonde style and spray it into the air and walk into it so it’s a subtle spray all over as opposed to a shot of it on the neck.

I can imagine my mum loving this too and would make a great Christmas present for her.

Chloe is a surprisingly reasonable price for an Eau De Parfum. My recent purchase of Vicktor and Rolf was much more expensive. And as and added bonus Escentual currently have this on offer with 15% off making the 30ml bottle only £33.50. It also comes in 50ml and 75 ml. You can purchase it from here

I’m loving having a more grown up scent and will purchase this for my mum’s birthday in January while it’s on offer as I think she’ll love it too.

I’m also eyeing up some bed head products. The dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner is currently 40% off which is too good to resist (or so I’m telling myself as I’m desperate to shop). You can find bed head deals here

Have you tried Chloe Perfume? Or used Escentual’s to order from online? I’m very impressed with both and will be doing more online shopping with them. Do you find your perfume tastes change? I’m definitely moving away from sweet fragrance.

Love M



  1. Amy
    December 5, 2012 / 6:50 pm

    I have never seen this before which is rather shocking for a big perfume lover like myself. I might have to have a look for it next time I'm out and about as it is twice that I've seen this mentioned today.Lovely review!Amy xx

  2. C.S.I Beauty Blog
    December 11, 2012 / 10:38 pm

    @Amy Thanks :). It's a lovely scent. I've had it on so much xx

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