OPI – Oz The Great and Powerful

As well as my naughty purchase the other week when I ordered the OPI Bond Girl Liquid Sands, I also picked up the OPI Oz The Great and Powerful set as well, oops!

I couldn’t resist and had heard such great things about the liquid sand in this collection and nudes, particularly from OPI are great for any collection.


I also love the names, as usual!

I Theodora You is a sheer pink
Glints of Glinda is a classic beige
Don’t Burst my Bubble is a sheer white
What Wizardry is This is the liquid sand, a beautiful taupe with a matte shimmer.

First up is What Wizardry is This.


This is the liquid sand from the collection and as I said before in the Bond Girl post, I was so unsure of the texture and effect of the liquid sands.
However with the Bond Girl collection and this one I have been completely won over.

This is beautiful in the light, in the dark and in just about any situation possible. The classic taupe colour means it will suit most skin tones and most outfits, but the texture and shimmer bring it bang up to date and wearable to work, lunch dates, pub trips and Saturday nights out.


Look at it glimmer!

I Theodora You is the first nude I tried, and it’s the sheer pink.


I do love nude pinks and this one is a really nice colour, but I think these are a bit too sheer for me.
They’d be perfect for work as they’re a ‘your nails but better’ kind of shade and aren’t too opaque to stand out.
However these ones are very sheer, and the photo below shows my nails after 2 coats so I was disappointed with this as theyre still very streaky and I’m not sure further coats would be able to sort this out completely.


Next up is Glints of Glinda:


The name to me suggests that it should be a glitter which was a little disappointing!
This is actually a classic beige, but again its a sheer polish. This is not as sheer as I Theodora You, and the colour is a lot more consistent.

Again its a ‘your nails but better’ shade that wouldn’t show up too much if you have to be conservative at work.
I can imagine this would be great in winter too as this kind of beige colour will look great with the winter berry colours!


Lastly we have Don’t Burst my Bubble which is a sheer white.

On first impression this one is very like Essie’s Ballet Slippers. I forgot to take a photo after painting my nails with it so below the photos show it with some clear glitter on the ends (oops!)


This was after 2 coats and I will definitely use this as its so similar to Ballet Slippers and is probably the one that I will use most out of the nudes.


I think I will use Don’t Burst my Bubble and What Wizardry is This the most as the liquid sand is so unique and the other is so wearable. I Theodora You and Glints of Glinda were a little disappointing as they were so sheer and out of all the polishes available I think the mini collection could have been a lot more exciting, 3 nudes in one limited edition collection is far too many.

What do you think of the collection? Do you like this many nudes? What do you think of the Liquid Sands?

L xxx

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  1. Jasmina P
    July 11, 2013 / 5:37 pm

    Nude pink is my favorite! Follow you on Bloglovin'xo

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