Essie: Vested Interest


Here’s the second in my Essie Winter Collection posts. I have previously written about Cashmere Bathrobe which is a gorgeous shimmery grey and will be getting a lot of use from me. 

I haven’t managed to pick up any more of the collection yet as they seem to have sold out everywhere but I did pick up Vested Interest at the same time as Cashmere Bathrobe.

This is Vested Interest, a grey green colour:


Essie say:

‘Stock up on the classics. This tweedy, woolen cool gray teal nail lacquer has sartorial style all buttoned up.’

I say this colour is completely different to anything I’ve ever owned and I wasn’t sure about it.
But I love these kinds of colours for winter and as I wear lots of black and grey, this is a nice addition to my nail polish wardrobe for a subtle addition of colour.


Granted it’s not a bright colour but for work colours like this are so easy to wear, both this and Cashmere Bathrobe have proved to be great staples and alternatives to the more commonly used reds and blacks of winter.


The polish applied easily thanks to the Essie brushes being so good, and only needed 2 coats for opacity.
When the top coat was applied you can see how shiny and pretty the colour becomes, it looks perfect!


These photos show the polish with flash above and without below, the colour is quite true and there’s not a lot of difference between the two.


This colour was a surprise for me as I’ve absolutely loved it!

I’ve been desperate to get my hands on the blue and red from the collection, After School Boy Blazer and Twin Sweater Set but it seems it’s not meant to be so far.
I’ve been trying a number of times on the Boot website without any luck, it’s infuriating trying to load a page that constantly says ‘generic error’ and it happens every time I try to find something on there.

It’s really put me off trying to use the Boots website at all, how useless!

One day I will get these Essie polishes…

Which Essie product is your favourite? Which of the collection will you be picking up?

L xxx

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