Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Hey all!

I’ve got a review for you today on a staple product in my make up bag….pressed powder.

I can’t go a day without it due my oily T-zone and have to apply it every morning to set my foundation and concealer.
I’ve been through tonnes of these powders, trying every brand you can imagine. I did like the MAC Pressed Powder but at £20 ish a pop it was not something I could justify. Others didn’t last as long on my face causing my make up to slip by lunch and I was still looking for the perfect compromise, price and how long lasting it was.

Lots of people had suggested I try Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder, so snapped it up in an offer in Boots and put it to the test.


Rimmel state this is a long lasting pressed powder. I’ve been applying this onto my base in the morning using my Real Techniques powder brush.
It lifts really easily from the palette and applies onto the face easily too. It brushes onto the skin and leaves an even coverage, mattifying the shiny bits quickly and barely takes time at all.


I love the impression on the print too, how British!

After applying it in the morning this does last me the majority of the day without reapplication. Days differ and obviously when I go to the gym, all bets are off as normally the sweat runs down my face nowadays but normally when I get there I’m just starting to get a sheen over my T-zone.

Ideally I would reapply at lunch (normally 2pm) which would mean my make up would stay longer but I never have the time and to be honest I either go to the gym or go home and take my make up off anyway! 

The photo below shows how even the coverage is on top of my foundation:


And then with a full face of make up on:


If you like the make up look above then check back next week as I’ll be telling you all about my new palette then!

I think the Stay Matte powder is worth every penny. It comes in at a bargainous £3.99, and if you spend £10 on Rimmel in Boots at the moment you’ll get a free Scandalous Flex mascara. I always find their mascaras are great value so this is definitely worth picking up, I may even get it myself!

I’m so glad this was recommended to me, it has definitely saved me money from my MAC Pressed Powder without losing the quality and effects!

Have you tried the Stay Matte Pressed Powder? What will you be picking up from Rimmel to get your free mascara?

L xxx

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  1. RICO and TINE
    October 18, 2013 / 12:59 pm

    I always get this! It is such a good powder for the price 🙂 they do another version too, I can't for the life of me think what is it called but it's in a blue pan… It's really good too! Same price I think :)Vicki xxwww.ricoandtine.com

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