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Back in August I couldn’t resist placing and order with Prairie Charms. They started a project blogger which gave me 50%. 

I’d been wanting a floral hair crown for ages. I absolutely love them and hair accessories in general. At the time it started I was skint so the they were nice enough to hold back a few items for me that I really wanted.

I ordered a floral headband and a cute braided multiwrap which can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or hair band. I also got a glitter bow and if you’ve read any of my bun ring tutorials you’ll know my love of glitter bows! This one is in black a colour I don’t have yet and I absolutely love it. There is something about black glitter I really love.

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These will be featuring in OOTD once I get back into them. My wardrobe is currently boring me.

Onto my favourite item my beautiful floral crown. Unfortunately these are sold out at the moment but I’m sure more stock of these style will come back in. There are some gorgeous rose headbands which are currently wanting to come live with me.


I’m so in love with this one. The colours are perfect for me as my hair is now pink and will soon be lilac.


I love that the crowns have a variety of different flowers in them and the elastic makes them really comfy to wear. The leaves on the back prevent any flowers digging into your head.


I can’t wait to get more wear out of this. This will definitely be coming to Glastonbury with me and to my brothers wedding. 

Have you joined the floral crown trend. I’ll be ordering more from Prairie Charms for next summer!!

Love M


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