Origins Sensory Therapy: Peace of Mind

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I hope you’re looking forward to your Saturday nights! I think mine will be a quiet one as I’m awaiting the wonderful pay day to arrive…as soon as it does I will surely be out and boogying away with the rest of you!

Origins are a brand that I’m a big fan of, and we’ve featured it many times on our blog.

This purchase from them is a little different and I hope this is a wonder product for you as much as it has been for me.


Origins Sensory Therapy is a nifty little product to keep with you at all times. I’m one of those people that stress out over things. I’m not so bad as I used to be but when I was working full time and at university full time things sometimes got a little much, and I’d find myself with lots of headaches due to the amount of pressure I was putting on myself to get things done.

I’d often take paracetamol to get me through as it was an easy solution. Obviously taking paracetamol is perfectly ok to do…but not long term. Not all the time and after eating so healthily and working out so hard i didn’t like the thought of putting chemicals into my body any more.



One day my mum turned up with this, I can’t claim all the credit as she was the one who showed me it and after borrowing it during a headache have been back to get myself one!

This is a small round pot with a dispenser at the top to pump out a small amount at one time. The smell is amazing in itself but the way this just dissolves a headache is amazing!


You simply follow the instructions on the box to apply this to your temples, ear lobes and the base of your neck and sit back for a few minutes.

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As with all Origins products the ingredients list is always displayed, reading this one I can see so many essential oils listed and this is why i always think Origins are a great brand. not only are they open and honest about their ingredients they also use natural products which are much better for you than chemically synthesised ones. 


This product contains peppermint oil, rose, sweet almond, rosemary and basil amongst others.
I cannot recommend it enough for taking a few minutes out to relax, de-stress and relieve yourself of tension as well as combat headaches and migraines.

I’ve also seen it suggested for travel sickness, trouble sleeping and if you are suffering from the dreaded flu.

It’s a bit of a wonder product and at £13 it’s a little expensive for such a small amount but I would imagine this would last a while, and through plenty of headaches for me throughout the year!

Have you tried essential oils as a way to combat stress and headaches before? Are there any other products or essential oils you would recommend?

I wouldn’t be without this now!

L xxx

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