UPDATE 101 things list

Today I’ve been updating my 101 things in 1001 days task. It ends in October so I thought I’d share how I was getting on. These past few months have been happy, positive ones for me and I’m really feeling motivated lately.

1. Learn to drive

2. Read 5 classic novels

3. Get the dream job (either go back to uni or find another) Starting back at University in Sept which should lead to the dream job!!

4. Sell a cake to someone  ( 3 cakes sold last week, huge smile)

5. Visit Paris

6. Try 10 new foods (1. Sushi 2.wasabi peas 3. hollandaise sauce, 4. seabass, 5. black pudding 6. kippers, 7. Taramasalata 8. )

7. Go on a girls holiday

8. Ring to my grandparents more often (ringing them fortnightly, it’s hard as neither of them can hear me, now ring on fridays to have a quick chat)

9. Give Star Wars a chance and watch all the films 

10. Start a hobby or exercise class (Half there on this one, I know regularly run)

11. Volunteer in a homeless shelter

12. Get out of my overdraft

13. Get extensions (my hair never grows past shoulder length 🙁 boo) (they are now fitted and I love them, post found here)

14. Watch 100 new films (1. The Vow, 2. 500 days of summer 3. Avengers 4. The Midnight Meat Train 5. Hard Candy 6. The Lazarous Project 7. Spy Hard 8.Horrible bosses 9. XMen origins 10. Usual Suspects 11. Passengers 12. Basketball 13.The mothman prophecies 14.Nightwatch 15. Flightplan 16.The Mist, 17. Peacock 18. Borat 19. American Pie Reunion 20. 2 days in New York 21. Magic Mike 22. Spiderman 23. Batman 24. Ted 25. Friends With Benefits 26. Twilight 27. Casino Royale 28. Quantum of Solace 29. Skyfall 30. Silver Linings Playbook. 31.LOTR 1 32. LOTR 2 33 LOTR 3 (really wasn’t interested in them so don’t know the names but I sat through them. 34. Star Wars iv 35. Star Wars v 36. Star Wars vi 37. Avengers Assemble 38. Django Unchained, 39. Wreck it Ralph, 40. Antiviral, 41. The Campaign, 42.Taken 2, 43. Les Mis, 44. Anchorman 2 45. Hunger Games Catching FIre 46. Star Wars 1 47. Star Wars 2 48. Star wars 3 49. The Impossible 50. White house down 51. Wreck it Ralph 52. . 

15. Get down to 10 stone (Eating healthy and exercising now. Got below it for holiday but haven’t maintained)

16. Visit 5 new cities in the UK (1. Stratford upon Avon, 2. Brighton

17. Have a BBQ on the beach like old times

18. Have organised storage for my make up and nail varnish (make up now sorted out and stored better but still not how I want it. Post on it here.)

19. Continue blogging

20. Get a new piercing (I got a surface piercing by my tragus)

21. Go to go ape (tree top adventure)

22. Be a tourist in my own town (go on the red bus(I have now been to the museum)

23. Purchase a food processor (seems a random one but I love cooking and baking)

24. Win a competition (I’m yet to win a competition) (won a necklace from Adorning Ava a competion hosted on http://www.theagoraphobicfashionista.com/, whooo)

25. Purchase a Mulberry (I got myself Mulberry shoes so I’m counting this)

26. Visit the science museum (L and I went in February)

27. Buy a high end foundation (after being thoroughly disappointed by Chanel Perfection Lumiere I purchased Mac Pro long wear and I love it, full review here)

28. Purchase my first item of Mac (eeeek, I love it all already, here is my haul)

29. Own over 100 nail varnishes (With the addition of my Ciate Mini Mani Month I’ve reached this)

30. Do my third half marathon

31. Actually train for it (the other two I’ve done with out training and that ended in pain)

32. Go to a Roller Disco / Derby

33. Learn a language

34. Get first aid qualified

35. Donate platelets 10 times (providing I test ok to do it, if not give blood every 3 months) (blood test done waiting on results, unsure if I will be able to do this as my veins may not be strong enough, first donation 27.4.12, this donation didn’t go to plan, my vein couldn’t take the speed of the blood returning to my body, as I can’t complete this one I will be donating whole blood over this period instead. Whole blood can only be donated every 16 weeks so I won’t have time to make 10 donations. donated 9.8.12. Donation 21.12.12 Donated 6.7.13.)

36. Host a Dinner Party

37. Go to 3 weddings (this I can’t control but I love weddings) As of June this will be done and I have one in september so technically that’s four

38. Be in the audience for a tv show

39. Watch the sunrise on a beach

40. Visit a food festival

41. Go to newt beer fest

42. Go to V fest

43. Go to Glastonbury (whoooo this is actually happening!)

44. Actually meet up with a friend I’ve not seen for 4 years (whooo saw her on 18.5.12, will be doing this more)

45. Reach 100 blog followers (whooo we have recently done this withint the past week 5.9.12 so happy to have reached this)

46. Ride a mechanical bull

47. Inspire someone else to do this list

48. Stop biting my nails and get them strong and healthy (By using nail envy for almost a month and painting them less they are definitely better, haven’t bit them in ages either. Started biting them again this week (10.8.12) so annoyed at myself)

49. Sell 50 things on ebay (15.2.12 15 items sold, 29.2.12 5 items sold 19.4.12 10 items sold, 1.8.12 sold 8 items, 3.7.13 3 items sold)

50. Go to a gig

51. Make a three course meal for my family 

52. Say yes to 20 things you’d normally say no to (I am really trying to do this and have lately definitely been putting myself out there and going to occasions where I only know one person which usually is the birthday person)

53. Learn the flute

54. Grow a plant from a seed

55. Knit a scarf (yay I completed this and I’m pretty inpressed)

56. Go to a comedy show (went in bristol on 30th June 2012, was really funny)

57. Do 10 outdoor things/ country walks

58. Kiss at the top of the London eye

59. Spend new years eve in a place I’ve not spent it before and a different place each year (this one is now sadly not able to be completed! Personally I hate New Years Eve and set this to make me enjoy it more which hasn’t happened and this year L and I decided to have an quiet night in after spending way too much the weekend before)

60. Attend a midnight première (L and I went to see Twilight)

61. Take a pole dancing class

62. Start saving for a house deposit  (this could be happening. I have the option to buy a house but since breaking up with the Ex and moving into a houseshare I’m now happy living with people so I’m unsure what to do.)

63. Take a sleeper train

64. Go to a national park

65. Watch wiked

66. Watch a live rugby match

67. Identify 10 constellations

68. Buy a homeless man a meal

69. Drink 10 cocktails I’ve never tried (1. French Martini 2. Vodka Moonshine 3, Flirtini 4. 10 Feet Tall Grog 5.Summer Fruit Soother, 6.Del Boy, 7.Missippi Mudslide 8. ) 

70. Make a bar area in my house /  flat

71. Take a road trip

72. Bake 10 new things (lemon roulade, profiteroles, pannacotta)

73. Sort out my music collection and regularly add to it. (I’m now using spotify and making playlists all the time.)

74. Watch a ballet

75. Go to a burlesque show

76. Get a fish pedicure

77. Create a tumbler and do project 365 (take a photo everyday for a year) (again I’ve now missed the opportunity to complete this. Maybe I’ll start soon and just aim for 6 months)

78. Go skiing (can be a dry ski slope)

79. Read 50 new books (1. mini shopaholic by sophie kinsella 2. book of the dead by patricia cornwell 3. James Patterson Private London, 4. 50 shades of grey, 5. 50 shades darker, 6. 50 shades freed, 7. the hunger games, 8 catching fire, 9 the mocking jay 10. James Patteron 11th Anniversary 11.We bought a zoo Benjamin Mee, 12. Blue Monday Nicci French, 13. James Patterson Kill Alex Cross, 14. The People Next Door Christopher Ransom, 15.Jamer Patterson Merry Christmas Alex Cross, 16. Salmon fishing in the Yemen Paul Torday, 17. Chris Carter The night Stalker, 18. Chris Carter The Executioner, 19. Silver Linings Playbook David O Russell, 20. The lucky one Nicholas Sparks,21. A Walk to Remember Nicholas Sparks, 22. The Help Kathryn Stockett, 23.again not updating this regularly means I’ve missed out on lots of books. At least 6 more books were read on the exs kindle. )

80. Get engaged (hopefully this will happen as by then I’ll be 25 and I would like to be engaged by then ) This is another one now off the list after me and the Ex broke up as it definitely won’t be happening in the next 10 months but I’m also happy it won’t be. A friend said something to me on her wedding day that really hit home about how much I had settled for something that wasn’t right for me. It was hard to hear but she was 100% right. Now I’m doing what makes me happy!

81. Give up alcohol for a month

82. Send 20 handwritten letters to loved ones

83. Make my own skirt

84. Send a shoe box to Africa at Christmas

85. Go without chocolate for a month

86. Take an evening class / short course

87. Have a friend choose a complete outfit and you have to buy it

88. Bake 5 celebration cakes ( 5 baked, brothers vw van, mums flower cake and cupcakes and boyfriends hockey jersey, 30th birthday cake and baby shower cake)

89. Send anonymous flowers to someone having a bad day/week

90. Sleep on a beach

91. Make my own wine

92. Go to the driving range

93. Learn basic household DIY (plumbing etc)

94. Dress up for Halloween and have a party (L and I did dress up and go out but no party!)

95. Go go-karting or zorbing

96. Go on a camping trip

97. Do 5 random acts of kindness (bought a homeless man some food, will be doing more often seeing how grateful he was)

98. See the Northern Lights

99. Learn to surf

100. Volunteer abroad

101. Be happy with what I have at the end of this

I hope to achieve all of these if possible, I’ll keep this updated

M xxx

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  1. Essjay23x
    January 7, 2014 / 10:34 pm

    I'm so glad you did this post, I made a 101 list New Year inspired by seeing both of yours again when I visited your blog recently. So excited to start crossing things off. Would love to see a few book reviews from you! : )

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