2014 Resolutions

Good morning!

I’m sure you’ve all been thinking about it over the last few weeks, but it is time for some new resolutions now its the new year.

I’ve been having a think of some real and achievable resolutions that can actually be completed…which is sometimes a little difficult! It’s too easy to eat crap, spend all my money and stay away from exercise, but hopefully this year will be different.

1) My biggest aim this year is to try and be happier. I’ve been working so hard the last few years trying to complete my Masters etc that a lot of things have been pushed to the side, including things that make me happier.

Over the next year I have a lot of events planned including Glastonbury and a lot of hen weekends/weddings, meeting old friends and lots of day trips.

Although I like keeping busy I also like time to myself so I’m going to try and get back into reading as I planned to read so much and never seem to have time. I also plan on getting rid of the things and people that don’t make me happy….there are a few that I’m sure I can live without and need to distance myself from. Fingers crossed this will help!

2) My other big aim for the year is to get really fit. I already go to the gym 2/3/4 times a week whenever I can and although I enjoy it, over the winter months it has been hard work with minimal motivation and lots of traffic jams to stop me.
So far this year I have already been most days to either the gym, classes, running outside around the park or swimming. I’m hoping this will help me lose the few pounds I’ve put on over the winter and a few more that I’d planned on losing previously.

I’ve also signed up to a 10k run (I’ve never run this far EVER) and also at the end of the summer…..Tough Mudder. If any of you don’t know what this is here is the link to the website, but basically it’s a 10-12 mile course with 20 obstacles designed by Special Forces…eeek!
I’ve got a program worked out to get me fit and ready for that time which I plan on writing in a separate post. However any tips would be greatly appreciated!

3) Debt. Whilst I am slowly making my way through the money that I owe my parents, it is taking longer than I would like. I’m trying my hardest but it seems money really doesn’t go very far at all nowadays and with 2 weddings and multiple hen weekends plus Glastonbury to pay for in the upcoming months I need to get my act together. Plus I’d like to move out soon and this will never happen with my debt!

First things first is a spending ban; the usual blogger thing after Christmas really but this time its for real!
I was doing well for MONTHS before Christmas working my way through my stash and avoiding buying anything new but as soon as Christmas came around there was a sudden surge in my buying and i completely lost it and I can’t even tell you when!
I can 100% say that I am fully stocked up on anything I could need. The only things I will allow myself to buy beauty wise is face wipes, dry shampoo and things like bobbles etc which are a necessity to every day life and tend to run out faster (don’t shout at me for face wipes, I remove the layer of grease from my face before properly cleansing-that’s all!).

Aside from that there a few items of clothing that I will be needing and these include jeans (I have only 1 pair) leggings (same again), vest tops, and some additional gym wear as I cannot wash them fast enough!

These can wait for a little while but I plan on keeping this ban going until my birthday at the end of March so if i need them before then i will have to buy them…..but no more products!

4) A simple one – I plan on trying to say ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’. It’s time for some more fun, so let’s say yes to more things right?


These are going to have to become my mottos!

What are your resolutions for 2014? Do you have anything different to mine?

I think they’re pretty standard but fingers crossed I can complete them some what!

L xxx


  1. Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle
    January 9, 2014 / 7:37 am

    Great goals. I think time to yourself is absolutely important. If you need a good book to read – and you probably already read this – I recommend Divergent. Super interesting. Super fast read. Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. Beauty Bird
    January 9, 2014 / 6:50 pm

    Great resolutions and lots of luck for them! I seem to say yes and no the wrong way round sometimes haha, so I think I need to be braver at saying both! xx

  3. Leanne Cornelius
    January 11, 2014 / 5:57 pm

    Good luck! I paid my debt off in full last year (finally) and it is such an amazing feeling! I do have to thank my amazing hubby though, it would of taken me a LOT longer if it wasn't for his help. xxLeanne – A Slice of My Life

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