Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

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I’ve got a palette review today which you’ve probably seen before on plenty of other blogs but lets be honest; Urban Decay do such beautiful palettes I needed to photograph its beauty and share with you my thoughts on another limited edition sold out blogger ‘must have’.

Urban Decay Vice 2 is the most beautiful palette I’ve ever seen, and I know I say this often about UD palettes but it is gorgeous. It’s also unlike any other palette that I own so I don’t feel that it was too much of an unruly purchase….



The box itself is gorgeous, I do like swirly mystical patterns and this is no exception. It was handy as well to see all of the colours on the back with matching names…lush.

The outside of the palette is unique to each individual one; the technique used to create the swirling pattern enables them to ensure that no two will be the same…nice touch!



The button to open the case (shown above) is also inlaid with Urban Decay text, as if you’d ever forget the brand!
This then opens the palette lid slowly to reveal the most beautiful collection of pigmented shadows in existence.


I’ve taken the following photos both with and without flash so that you can see them in both lights. Unfortunately some have blurred slightly but you can still see the colours and names for each one.





There is a fabulous selection of both metallic, glitter and matte shadows and basically in any colour you could ever need. There are neutrals for day time, blues, greens, blacks and purples all for any kind of occasion you can imagine.

I have swatched the shadows on my fingertips below, they follow the palette in a downwards motion except the last picture which is the last column on the right (hopefully that makes sense!)





It also comes with one of their infamous double ended brushes. Their brushes are always made of very good quality bristles and in the future i hope to buy more of them, especially the face make up brush as I’ve heard so much about it!


I have so far created two separate looks with this palette, both at 6am before work so it was a little hard to take photos in such bad light.

However I took them anyway!


The above photos show me wearing Derailed, Poison and Smokeout, and the below photo shows the nudes; Dope, Ambush and Derailed.


The shadows are very pigmented and easy to use and the colours are very much true to the colour they appear. The only colour i found wasn’t true was Dope which appeared to be a beautiful light shimmery beige colour (very much like MAC’s Shroom) but turned out pink toned on my skin and didn’t look good on me at all!

I’m not quite sure why this is but at least it’s only one shadow that i will be unlikely to use out of the entire palette. My only other problem with it is that because this colour comes out darker and pinker than you first thought, there is no light shade to create a base. This is rather annoying at 6am when you’re trying to apply your face before work and can’t find a base colour! I obviously have others to use and this means I have to get another palette out….time I don’t usually have in the mornings.

Aside from that I love the other colours and I’m sure I’ll be using them a lot over the coming months/years.

As my first purchase from Beauty Bay in their Christmas sale I was impressed with the price (it was £33 instead of £42). However after it being dispatched on one day and supposedly being on their 2 days Tracked service I was VERY disappointed that this came 7 days later. After emailing to ask the whereabouts of my order as my tracking number didn’t even work, I was pretty much fobbed off each time and after tweeting them they weren’t much help either.

Can’t say I’ll be in a rush to order from them next time, or if I do I won’t be expecting my ‘tracked 2 day’ postage to be turning up on time which in this day and age is pretty pathetic.

Have you ordered anything from Beauty Bay before?

What do you think of the Vice 2 palette? Should I have ordered Naked 3 instead or are you a colour fan?

L xxx

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