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Evening All

Hope you had a great bank holiday! I got totally distracted yesterday reorganising and totally forgot to post. My skin has been really misbehaving lately so I’ve been using face masks weekly to try and help it.

Lush are some of my favourite face masks, I love that they are natural and that they are kept in the fridge so feel nice and cool on the skin. They are also buy 5 get 1 free technically. I’m working my way through trying them all out. I love oatifix and cosmetic warrior! Don’t be put off by the use by date. I tend to keep mine 2 months and they are fine as long as they are kept in the fridge. I did check in store before and they advised that as long as they smelt and looked the same they were probably ok.


Love lettuce is one I’ve been meaning to try for a while. I love how useful the assistants always are in Lush and they try a few out on your hands so you can get a feel of the differences between them on the skin.


Despite the name it doesn’t contain lettuce. It contains lavender which is great for calming the skin (and my angry spots at the moment) it also helps with sebum control. It has a slight gritty texture from almond shells which gently exfoliate the skin as you remove the mask. I like to apply let it sit for 15 minutes then use a small amount of water to lightly wet the mask and use it as a scrub before I was it off. Honey helps to sooth and moisturise the skin.

It’s a great mask for oily combination skin to control sebum while moisturising too. 

I love that so many of Lush face masks suit my skin so that I can mix it up. Another plus is that Lush as always don’t test on animals!

Have you tried Love Lettuce?

Love M


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  1. maliberry
    April 22, 2014 / 7:46 pm

    Love Lettuce gave me a really bad reaction for some reason – it hurt my skin and left it really red. I love Cosmetic Warrior and Mask of Magnaminty though! x

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