What I Couldn’t Live Without


I was thinking the other day about my rather large stash and how well I’m going through it. I’ve been doing good but could do better. Then it got me thinking about which products I really couldn’t live without now that I’ve found them and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a list lover. So basically, without any more babble, here’s my list of the products I couldn’t live without at the moment!

1) Coconut Oil

I love cooking with coconut oil but it is fast becoming a staple in my beauty regime too. Not only is it a great moisturiser for your skin, but its also useful as a cuticle oil, hair mask, for hands and feet and as a lip balm. I tend to smother it all over before bed as a treat but this can take some time to get the oil to warm up. Still worth it tho!

2) Lasting Perfection Concealer
From Collection, this concealer has been raved about many times by myself and others. It’s still not perfect but for around £4 its still just as good as any other concealer I’ve used in the past and present many of which cost considerably more. It covers bags really well and redness of spots, why pay more?!

3) Tangle Teezer

Absolute god send for my very long highlighted hair. without serious conditioning and this beauty of a brush i am 100% confident I would either have awful hair or I would have cut it all off and be left with a dodgy bob or something. Thank the lord I can keep my long locks! (There’s nothing wrong with bobs, I actually really like them but my mum made me have one for 10 years when I was younger so I’m rebelling as long as possible!)

4) Micellar Solution
The answer to all of my last minute make up nightmares and the answer to my prayers when i stumble in at 3am. I use a face wipe to get the worst off and then follow it with micellar solution a few times to get as much off as humanly possible without actually washing. i know its awful but it rarely happens any more so I like to enjoy my nights out when i can….

5) Vichy Dermablend
Like new skin in a bottle. Applies easily, blends in with your natural skin and doesn’t look like you’ve caked it on when in fact its coverage is really high. I love it, it saves me  and i can’t tell you how many bottle I’ve owned!

6) RT Buffing Brush
Combined with the foundation above its a match made in heaven. Cheesy i know but for me, during my 6am mad rush in the morning these two just work and give me a face I can attack the world with without much hassle. They’re reliable which is exactly what i need!

7) JPG MaDame
MY smell. It’s mine, only mine and nobody else is allowed it. I’ve been obsessed with this scent ever since I smelt it in Paris during its launch before it came out in the UK. I’ve always felt it was a sign that we were meant to be best buddies and since that time 6 years ago we haven’t been apart. 

8) Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
The answer to every skin nightmare. I’m still shocked at how well it works and still annoyed at myself for not trying it sooner. It’s amazing, you can barely feel it on your skin but once I’ve applied it overnight I awake with hydrated skin and spots that have reduced in size. Sometimes they’ve even disappeared completely, what on earth more do you want?!

9) EOS Spheres
Since trying these during my America trip 2 years ago (how time flies!) I’ve been hooked. The colours, flavours and intense hydration from these organic spheres are epic. I just wish they sold them in the UK for the same price as in the US, it’s such an insult really. They’d absolutely go beserk with trade here if they were £3 instead of the £8 that some brands command. 

10) Urban Decay palettes 

Lastly this is a bit of a self indulgent one and also a cheat seeing as I’ve grouped them together. I think i could quite honestly not buy a palette from another brand after trying 6 (!) of UD’s infamous palettes. Why would i need to when they’re good value for money and super pigmented. The colour ranges are fabulous with something for everyone and the limited edition part gets me EVERYTIME. I’m such a sucker but really, they’re worth every penny!

So those are my top 10 items, I could have added more but i do like round numbers!

What would you have on your list? Would any of mine feature on yours too?

L xxx

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