The perfect bargain black court!

Hey All

I really real like life is speeding by at the moment and seem to have no time at all! Today has been an amazing day as I got a job promotion at work. I really feel like the luckiest girl at the moment and finally feel like everything may be falling into place. I feel genuinely lucky to have the amazing group of family and friends I have around me!

Anyway’s today I had to share with you my ultimate bargain! I popped into my local asda to pick up some T shirts for Glastonbury as after getting burnt in Cyprus I wanted some cover ups. After casually browsing the sale bit I found these gorgeous black patent court shoe! Everyone needs black patent courts right! They were massively reduced down from £14 to £3! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve lived in my nude court shoes from asda they are slightly lower and still sold for £14 so I thought I’d try these!


For my interview today I tried them on. The test of a comfy heel for me is if I can last a full work day in them. I work in a lab and have a 10 minute walk to and from the bus stop everyday so I do do a reasonable amount of walking on a work day.

My nude court shoes from asda are super comfy but these are higher and post glasto feet (from reading posts it’s seeming likely we walked around 50 – 60 miles over the weekend!!) I wasn’t sure how comfy they’d be! When I slipped them on they weren’t the comfiest on my little toe. I did stub it on holiday and it’s been hurting since.


Ignoring that though they did feel pretty comfy. Even though they were high. There is a slight platform to them. I did keep them on in work all day even though I took other shoes I didn’t feel the need to change them.

Asda yet again have surprised me with a cheap but comfortable high heel. They have a variety of classic court shoes so I’d definitely suggest picking some up!

I am a super clumsy person and have scuffed them already so I thought I’d also share with you how I fix them. It’s a simple trick. Any patent shoe you have grab a nail polish the same way and paint over heel scuffs. It disguises them so well!



Let me know if you manage to grab the bargain pair!

Love M


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