Fitness Friday: Balance and Stretch

Good morning!

After a few setbacks recently due to work requiring me to go away I have been making a massive effort to make up for my week off exercise. My first day back was hard, really really tough but I pulled through it and ‘got back on the horse’ so to speak. 

One thing I’ve really been enjoying recently is my Body Balance class. It was one of my fitness resolutions for the year, to try out a yoga/pilates type class and Body Balance is a combination of yoga based moves mixed with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates so fits this perfectly.

Les Mills Body Balance 56 Poster

Stretching after a workout is one of my favourite things – after a really tough workout there’s nothing better than stretching into those muscles and feeling the burn. Not only that but it’s also great to have 5/10 minutes to yourself at the end of a workout to just think about everything and nothing, holding some stretches requires minimal brain effort and you can just relax into them and allow any residual stress to float away.

I always stretch at the end of a class (it makes me really angry when people walk out before the stretching!) and sometimes when I’m working hard in the gym I look enviously at the people lying out and stretching on the mats having completed their own workouts.

I don’t know why I didn’t try a balance type class before but I’ve wholly embraced it, even though my flexibility is something that needs major work and my muscles shake throughout the whole class!

Aside from the Les Mill’s Body Balance class that I now do every other week there are also many other classes dedicated to stretching. Yoga, pilates, tai chi, even combination classes such as yogalates.

Cassey Ho – Founder of Blogilates

YouTube is also great for finding videos when you can’t make it to a class and channels from people such as Blogilates and Tone it Up are great for this.

The above image shows Cassey Ho the founder of Blogilates and she is beautiful! I can definitely see the benefits of having a strong core in everyday life but for fitness and exercising it’s a must and I really need to work on mine!

Have you tried a Body Balance type class? Do you have any other classes similar that you would recommend?

I’m so glad I’ve finally tried it out and hopefully over time I’ll see improvements in my flexibility and core strength, though maybe I’ll need to start going more regularly!

L xxx

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