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I’ve had a few busy weekends lately so thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been up to. We’ve had a lot or weddings lately the latest one we went to was in Cornwall so we made the most of it and spent a long weekend there. We found falmouth to be quite expensive so I managed to find a pod just outside for £40 for two nights. Basically a glorified shed but it did look cute, saved pitching a tent and had a light and electricity. Not only that we opened our door to see right across the bay each morning. I did make a rookie error and let my hair dry naturally the day before the wedding not thinking about the fact my hair is a lions mane and no hairdryer meant no taming it pre wedding! A quick trip for a wash and blow dry in falmouth sorted it out. Toni and Guy there offer an express blowdry for £20 which takes 20 mins as two stylists do it. Perfect for if you’re in a rush.



The wedding itself was amazing. It was a lush sunny day and it was held in a barn with lawn area so pre dinner was spent playing lawn games with Pimms. How perfect. There were little sparklers on the table for dinner.



The second wedding we’ve been too was down in Somerset. The bride actually asked me to do the hair and make up for her and the bridesmaids. That was terrifying but it got done and she was only 5 minutes late. After that I could enjoy the day. It was held on her parents farm where there was bunting, candles hanging from trees, fires and tankards for everyone to personalise to help themselves to drink for the day. My lovely other half got attacked by the brides niece and said pens hence the laughing photo above (I definitely didn’t encourage or lift her up to do it!)


As always there’s food. L and I went to science cream which we posted about last week and also visited some of Cardiffs street food venues. Above is an amazing creme brulee from Wild Fig Artisan Ice Cream company. Freshly topped creme brulee with marshmallow, cookie, whipped cream and raspberry sauce. Below is one of the many hello fresh meals we’ve been enjoying. I’ll be sharing more about them next week!





Me and the other half are currently trying to avoid going to wonder round town and for tea every time we have free time as it means we spend money so a few Sundays ago we popped down to Roath Park in Cardiff to wonder around the pleasure gardens and the lake. There were a few chicks and birds nesting. It was so cute seeing some of the smaller birds taken twigs across the lake to build the nests! We even resisted ice cream. I do love going for walks like this and need to make the effort more!


I’ve also made the decision to chop off a significant amount of hair. It’s been really dry on the ends lately due to lots of dye. It feels in such better condition now. I’m so glad I did it.

There’s also been lots of dinner, rum evenings and cinema trips. Busy times but definitely good ones! I’m ready for summer!

Love M



  1. Emma Heapy
    June 8, 2015 / 8:39 pm

    Your hair looks lovely! I do love a wedding! xxGlossy Boutique

  2. Beauty Bird
    June 9, 2015 / 6:04 am

    I love your hair shorter! xxRamblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

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