Polo At The Manor

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Today we’ve got a really exciting event to tell you about – Celtic Manor’s Polo At The Manor.

On Saturday 13th of June the annual event takes place with the most glamorous of affairs – champagne, ponies and picnics, what’s not to love?!

Tickets cost only £18 and for a day of glamour and indulgence the only thing you need to worry about is what to wear! 

This is where Lydia Rose Bright has come to your rescue and created a video to help you choose!

You can watch the video below or check out the original using this link HERE.


I don’t know about you but I think the skirt above is absolutely beautiful, I love the high waist and the pastel blue colour and the lace top is so dainty.

I love the neckline of the dress below too, very pretty but not too revealing either and the fitted waist is perfect for giving you an hourglass figure.



Lastly how beautiful is this lacy white dress?! It’s very fitted but the longer length complements this.

If I was going to the Polo I would choose the blue dress and definitely invest in a comfortable pair of nude wedges – the ones in Lydia’s video are perfect! Pretty and also comfortable and much better for a long day of eating and drinking and watching the Polo.

The only thing I can recommend in addition to these gorgeous outfit choices is a blazer! There’s no trusting the weather in South Wales and a blazer is a must for the potential showers and breezy evenings….as optimistic as I’d like to be there’s nothing worse than getting chilly and a blazer is a chic way to cover up.

Lydia has also helpfully created another video to help with your hair and make up choices:

If I was going to the Polo I’d go for dewy skin and pick a nude smokey eye and a coral lip – I love coral lipstick! As for hair, I’m a firm believe in the bigger the better and I would love to have waves just like Lydias…..all the time!

What would you wear to the Polo At The Manor? Do you like Lydia’s outfit choices?
How would you do your hair and make up?

Not only is there lots of glamour at the event, there is also an Elemis Bus for spa treatments and Depot are providing a wonderful array of streetfood, including Beetlejuice Campervan who create wonderful cocktails.

Tweet us with your choices and use the hashtag #polomanorstyle

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