NYX Cosmetics Brow Gel in Brunette

We all know that brows are big business, and after the myriad of products appeared on the market how do you even begin to start with purchasing the correct brow products for you??

I’ve been doing my brows now for the last few years, mine have always been black anyway so were always present on my face but having them ‘done’ makes such a big difference to my face. However I still haven’t tried all of the different brow products that are available so I decided at the NYX cosmetics event in Cardiff a few weeks ago to try their Brow Gel.

The lovely Jade gave us a demonstration of a few products and this was one that caught my eye, we were told it may need some practice to get your brows right with this as it can dry really fast and be a bit pigmented.


With this in mind I didn’t rush home and try this as soon as i could. I waited until I had some spare time and plenty of micellar water around just in case I ended up with eyebrows like Hagrid (subtle Harry Potter reference there!)

Following Jade’s instructions I put a tiny but on the back of my hand, filled in the main section of my brows from the bottom with strokes moving upwards and outwards to the end, and then came back to fill the front in with whatever was left on my brush so I didn’t have the dreaded Sharpie effect.

I got this right first time with these instructions so I’m really pleased (and thankful!) to Jade for taking us through the tips!


I did find that the tiniest bit went a long way, and it does dry quite fast although not as fast as I originally thought (I pretty much squeezed some out and gave myself a few seconds before thinking it would be dry!)

It all depends on the look you go for really, but I find outlining the bottom of the brow to give a clean line and then blending upwards and outwards in strokes gives a natural but defined look without being too heavy which is what I prefer for work. I have a few small patches at the front of my brows which are a bit sparse but it didn’t look like these had been blocked in which was a small concern!


After using the brow gel to fill in i then either use a spoolie brush to blend the brow hairs or a product such as Benefit’s Gimme Brow to set the hairs so they don’t move. There’s nothing that annoys me more than drawing my brows on and then the actual hairs (particularly at the ends) stick out in any direction later on in the day!

So how does it look on? Let’s get very close to my face:



I find this easy to work with and I’m surprised, as normally I’ve always used a pencil or a product like Gimme Brow where the gel is on a brush already and simply needs to be brushed through.

Although this does take a little work I like drawing my brows on in the morning and I don’t feel like it takes much longer either.

As far as longevity goes once this sets it does stay for the day. I have managed to smudge it at the end of the day (forgot I had it on and rubbed my temples after a long day – somehow managed to smudge the end off one brow at the same time!) so as long as your skin isn’t too oily and you don’t rub it I don’t see any reason for it to move.


The NYX brow gel costs £5.50 and is available in 5 colours. I really think this is worth every penny and will definitely be back to try more from NYX.

This was the first product from them that I have properly tried, and I have a few more to review in the next few weeks including the infamous Lip Lingeries. I’ve been impressed so far especially for the prices, what do you think?

What’s your favourite products from NYX? Have you tried the brow gel?

L xxx

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  1. Sophie Blumenthal
    October 7, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    You have amazing brows! I think I have one of these hiding away in my drawers, need to hunt it out!Sophie xxx

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