Lush Radiant Eye Powder Pigment

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A few weeks ago L and I headed to London and just happened to walk past Lush Oxford Street, as we knew Cardiff was opening it’s own spa we couldn’t resist a peak inside to see a glimpse of what may be on sale in Cardiff. We lost an hour in there browsing and both couldn’t resist a few cheeky purchases.

The make up pigments and lipsticks are exclusive to Lush Oxford Street and Lush Cardiff I believe so if you head to either of these make sure you check them out.

Lush Radiant Pigment Review, cruelty free highlighter

Pigments aren’t something I own many off but as soon as I started swatching these I was sold, even more so when I was shown by one of the lovely lush employees (sorry I don’t remember your name) how different the colours look when used wet or dry I knew I needed them. I decided to be restrained and just picked up radiant which is a white colour with gold shimmer and the wetter you use it the golder it gets. These can be used on the eyes or face and are only £10 each.

Lush Radiant Pigment Review, cruelty free highlighter

These are easy to apply and build up the colour, sometimes I dip my finger into the pot, sometimes I use a brush and sometimes I use a damp brush depending on the look I want. Above you can see the difference between wet and dry swatching, wet being on the left. Using the product dry gives a much more subtle look.

Lush Radiant Pigment Review, cruelty free highlighter

I’ve been loving it to brighten up the inner corner of the eye, how pretty does it look here! Overall I’ve been impressed and can’t wait to pick up more. You can read our post on the Lush Spa Cardiff opening night here and get a peak of some of the new products if you’ve not seen it yet.

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