How to Improve the Condition of Colour Damaged Hair

  If you’ve followed for a while you’ll know I have multi coloured damaged hair and put my hair through a lot, being part of the Style Society it’s something L and I are so grateful for, as we get to try out some amazing products and since exclusively using Salon Quality products the condition of my hair has improved soooo much so I thought I’d share a round up of the ones I love and use weekly. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how much less heat styling my hair needs and how much that has helped my damaged hair improve. I’ll share a photo at the end from the beginning of the year vs now both just blow dried!

Top Cruelty Free Hair Care

First up are the shampoos and conditioners I always reach for, the Marula Oil range has been a firm favourite of ours for a while now (you can find all of our reviews here) the Marula Oil range (I’m currently using the light range which is perfect for coloured hair!) helps to soften the hair and seal split ends leaving the hair shiny and more managable. The conditioner is more lightweight and doesn’t weigh down dry damaged hair but leaving it easier to style and controls frizz. The Rare Oil Treatment is a great all rounder, the Marula Oil is cold pressed and full of antioxidants and oleic acid to add hydratation, softness and help tame the hair. The oil is a great oil rounder, it can be used pre hair wash as a treatment, after to help control frizz and provide extra nourishment that we all know coloured hair needs!

Marula Oil Light Cruelty Free Hair Care

If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift or present to yourself head to your nearest salon and grab this gorgeous set! Look at the bag it comes in, the perfect evening bag. I can’t wait to use mine on NYE.

Ultimate Colour Repair Hair Range Cruelty Free

The other shampoo and treatment range is the Ultimate Colour Repair range. This one is packed with Quinoa which has a high protein content which helps to repair the damage to colour treated hair and strengthen it. It’s also sulphate free, back when we were sharing our Chemical of the Week series we shared all about SLS.  The conditioner also has shea butter, jojoba and soybean oil so you can imagine how soft and managble it leaves the hair feeling whilst providing it with the nourishment it needs. The rannge also contains antioxidants which protect the hair against UV rays to help reduce colour fade (who wants to spend all that money on hair styling for the sun to just fade it!) The Triple Rescue is dual phase which protects the hair against excessive heat which can dull colour and the bottom phase has the Quinoa Colour Repair complex to treat the damaged hair leaving it shiny and healthy.

Maintaining Coloured Hair, Cruelty Free Hair Care

Heat is hugely damaging to hair, it dries it out fades it and leaves it looking dull. I find on bright colours it’s even more important to protect it as straighteners can really dull the bright colours if the hair isn’t properly protected, these three are my ultimate go to’s. The Kenra Blow Dry Spray (reviewed here) is the one I rave about to anyone who will listen, not only does it protect the hair against heat and help with frizz it rapidly reduces blow dry time,  it only takes me 5 minutes now! The Color Charge Spray Serum (shared here) is specifically designed to protect hair colour and condition. It’s lightweight and leaves the hair looking and feeling great. The Lavender Mint Conditioning Spray (this is L’s favourite range and I’m late to the party, there is a reason she loves it!) not only smells amazing but really helps with the frizz and leaves the hair super soft. These three are my dream team, and whilst I’ve also lent towards salon shampoo and conditioner I didn’t use many higher end styling products and these have made a huge difference!

Cruelty Free Styling Products

My hair is pretty easy to manage now so I don’t use many styling products. I love the root lifting spray as my hair can be a bit flat at the foots, this doesn’t leave the hair feeling heavy or sticky like some other products do. If I’m curling my hair I love the Neon Sugar Spray, this helps define the curls and give bounce to the hair. The Marula Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray is a favourite of both of ours. It holds styles, doesn’t weigh them down and actually does brush out unlike some others say!

So does it all actually help improve my hair?

Paul Mitchell Marble Straightener Review 2018-12-20_09-09-16

In March I shared the first photo (reviewing the Paul Mitchell Straighteners which with their adjustable temperature are perfect for coloured hair and leave the hair soft instead of crunchy! You can see them here) my hair when blow dried was frizzy, dry and I’d lost most of my natural curl, now my hair feels incredible with just blow drying it, I don’t reach for straighteners or curlers as much and just leave it natural as it is above and my curl is coming back. Inbetween the photos my hair was fully bleached and stripped in July to dye it sunset colours and between the two I’ve probably dyed it pink at home 10 times! Until I was thinking of this post I hadn’t realised how much my damaged hair has improved!

Are you a Salon hair products person?

Love M


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