Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Range

Hello there!

Posts have been a little thin on the ground recently so big apologies for not being able to keep up. We've both had so much on the last few weeks/months, if you don't follow us on social media you should as you can see what we have been getting up to more easily but we will hopefully catch up with things and get more time soon!

Today's review is of some hair styling products from the Awapuhi Wild Ginger range from Paul Mitchell.

If you're a long term reader you will know we are part of the Styling Society so these products were gifted to us, but after using them the last few weeks I wanted to share my thoughts on them. As always they are honest and not influenced by the fact these were given to me.


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Cruelty Free Hair Heroes

Well hello there!

The last few weeks I've been feeling pretty rubbish - the flu got me and wiped me out for weeks, and the colder weather has been playing havoc with my skin and hair. So I thought it was time to share my absolute favourite cruelty free hair products to rescue my 'do and save it from turning to straw and looking like something a crow wants to curl up in.


Monday, 2 October 2017

Kenra Professional Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey all!

The weather recently has really started to get greyer, colder and wetter! It was expected now we're in October but for me especially it was a tough change. I've recently got back from two weeks in Croatia (I can't wait to share my pictures with you!) and the difference in the weather from sunshine and islands to the grey British weather was a shock to the system.

My skin has been drier and my hair, so I've been looking at products to help me battle the weather change. It was good luck when I remembered we recently received some products from Salon Success from a brand called Kenra and I couldn't wait to try them out.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Paul Mitchell Neon - Stand Out Style

Hey All

Last week we shared our thoughts on the Marula Oil range that you can view here. This week we're sharing another new range we were lucky to be sent to try out. As always all of these products are cruelty free but the Neon Range also adds even more!

The Neon range which is available from July has a great story behind it and when purchased supports some great anti-bullying organisations!! So not only do you get to treat yourself to some amazing products you support organisations that help people during tough times and Stand up to Bullying


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Marula Oil Rare Oil Replenishing Range: Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey All

A few weeks ago L and I headed to an event with Salon Success and were given some products to test out.

One of these is the Marula Oil Range. Marula oil is harvested in Africe and cold-pressed to help maintain the nutrients of the oil. The Marula Oil used has up to 50% more protective antioxidants than Argan Oil. It helps to hydrate, repair and moisturise the hair.

We both dye our hair so anything that helps improve the condition and hydrate it is always a win for us!

Marula Oil Haircare Review

The packaging is simple but works, white and black with gold accents. I also love that it's a pump top as it just makes it easier to use in the shower.

Marula Oil Haircare Review

The shampoo really lathers up well which is great as it's also sulphate free. Some sulphate free shampoos just don't have the same lather. It leaves the hair clean but what impressed me the most is how soft my hair felt after just the shampoo. My hair is bleached and regularly dyed and not in the best condition. It usually feels horrible without conditioner but after using this I was impressed how untangled my hair felt with the shampoo alone. The conditioner really added to it and just left my hair feeling so soft and more manageable. It's also surprisingly lightweight. I always expect a moisturising conditioner to be thicker but this is lovely.

Marula Oil Haircare Review

Overall I'm totally impressed, my hair feels softer and in better conditioner since I've started using it.

The Marula Oil range is available from Paul Mitchell Salons, you can find your nearest salon here.

Love L and M



Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Batiste Dark Brown Dry Shampoo

Hello there!

I might be a little awol over the next few days as I've just got the keys to my new house! I'm so excited but also terrified, so much to do and moving out by myself is going to be SCARY.

Today's post is based on my favourite dry shampoo ever, Batiste is the best that I have ever tried and so I stick with it, for the effects and the price. Recently I picked up the dark and deep brown dry shampoo.




I absolutely love it! It works just like the normal dry shampoo, absorbs all of the grease without leaving a shed load of residue and also doesn't show up white on my super dark hair.

It's life saver for when I wake up in the morning and my hair is a greasy mess, I can normally anticipate when my hair is going to look like an oil slick and I spray my usual dry shampoo on my hair before bed. This by the way is my number one tip, always spray it on before bed and wake up with super gorgeous voluminous non-greasy hair with minimal effort!



Ever since I've had a fringe cut back in though I find that it can go greasy super fast, even the day after washing. This has been an absolute life saver in the mornings, especially when I'm in a rush for work.
Honestly even with my almost black hair I can spray this on and not even have to rub it in or brush it out, I just leave it there and it sorts my hair out all day. It's like magic!


I don't know about you but my general hair appearance is much improved since dry shampoo came along - my styling might be lazy but at least it will never look greasy!

Which is your favourite dry shampoo? Do you go for the normal, the scented, the voluminous or the coloured?

I think every one of them serves its purpose!

L xxx


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry Cream

Hello there!

I've got a review for you today of a product that I really thought I wouldn't love.

Pretty bold statement to make in the second line of a blog post isn't it?

After attending a Bumble and bumble event a few months ago we were kindly given some mini products to try. The Straight Blow Dry Cream was one of them and I remember thinking 'oh great another hair cream'

I really need to apologise for that!


It wasn't that I thought it would be useless and B&b have rubbish products at all - it was just because I've tried COUNTLESS of these hair creams to no avail. They never work and end up coating my hair and making it greasier, which it needs no help doing at all!

This lightweight and heat activated balm helps to smooth and straighten hair making it sleek and more manageable. It contains a very rare gemstone blend to loosen the hairs natural curves as soon as you add heat, it also improves hair condition over time to make it softer and easier to deal with.

They say this is for anyone with curly, thick, coarse, frizzy and any other kind of unruly hair - however I have to say that mine is none of those things and that I'm just lazy with styling my hair properly.

So how do you use it? Just apply to damp hair and dry it section by section, finishing with straighteners if necessary.

Does it actually work? Here's what my hair normally looks like, this is drying it with a hair dryer and a brush:


It's a bit straggly but mostly straight apart from the ends, nothing straighteners wouldn't solve right?

The next time I washed my hair I did exactly the same thing apart from using the blow dry cream:


Can you believe the difference???

I am honestly amazed at how straight my hair is just by using this product



This could mean that I could potentially completely ditch the straighteners, how amazing would that be?!

My hair would definitely love it if I stopped using anything like straighteners and for £23 for 150ml of the blow dry cream I think this is an absolute bargain to save my hair!

What do you think? This might be the miracle hair product that I've been looking for!

Have you tried the Straight Blow Dry Cream? What did you think of it?

L xxx


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Aussie Miracle Moist Leave In Conditioner

Good morning lovelies!

After tweeting recently to vent my despair at my dry hair the lovely Sasha from Ramblings of a Beauty Bird suggested I try the Lightweight Conditioning Spray from Aussie. Aussie is one of my favourite hair product brands as I'm totally obsessed with the 3 minute miracle conditioner.

I went to Boots asap and picked it up in a 3 for £10 deal!


They have a few products in the range of conditioning sprays, there are five in total including Miracle Recharge Shine, Miracle Recharge Colour, Miracle Recharge Luscious Long, Miracle Recharge Take The Heat, and lastly Miracle Recharge Moisture.

I chose the Moisture version as my hair has been so dry, although I have long hair I thought dowsing it in a leave-in conditioner with extra moisture would be a good start.


The spray is 250ml and contains Australian Macadamia Nut Oil which I assume helps to hydrate your hair, though it isn't very clear what it does. It also contains Panthenol (nicknamed the beauty vitamin) and helps to make your hair more manageable.



I've been using this for a few weeks now and my hair does feel better than usual when I use it. The spray is more of a spritz than a fine mist, but it doesn't dispense product into your hair in a dollop, it is fairly well spread.
This is something I'm always aware of, having dark hair means that it can look greasy really easily if you put too much product on even though you have just washed it, massively annoying!


I recently also posted about the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Protective Primer and although normally I am happier to go with the high street range - most expensive products do nothing for my hair - this time the Bumble and bumble product wins when my hair really needs help.

The Aussie Leave in conditioner sprays costs £4.99 each and normally they are on off at 3 for £10 and so very worth it! I use these most times I wash my hair, but on the odd occasion my hair is feeling like straw nothing will help it apart from the Bumble and bumble spray, so I still stand by that one being the best, but I save it for emergency situations!

Do you use Aussie products? Have you tried their Leave In Conditioners?
What would you recommend for an alternative?

L xxx


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Protective Primer

Hey there!

If you've read our recent post about the Smashbox, Ojon and Bumble and Bumble event in Boots then you will also know that we were really impressed with the products we were shown.

I've been working my way through my stash recently but I'd also been looking for a hair product, preferably a spray that could cover the requirements of a heat protector and also a leave in conditioner. Did such a thing exist? Well I found this little beauty on the shelf:


The Bumble and Bumble (Bb) Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer was something that stood out to me from the shelf; the neon coral is one of my favourite colours and seeing as it was in a spray form I just couldn't resist!

There are 2 sizes of this product available in store,the 250ml bottle costs £19 and there was a smaller bottle available too. On line it shows up as a 60ml bottle costing £7 but I'm pretty sure in store there was a smaller size for a larger price - it's a little confusing!



The protective primer is sold as a sublime pre-styler for a total transformation of your hair.

The product is infused with six featherlight oils to soften, detangle, defrizz, tame flyaways, ease styling, and protect against breakage, heat and UV all in one go.

That's quite a claim really isn't it?

It's therefore claimed to be for people with dry, coarse or brittle hair - mine is definitely dry so I figured it would be worth a go for me!

You need to apply this to damp hair before styling, using the spray was super easy and it creates a mist rather than dumping a load of product onto your freshly washed hair. As I've mentioned many times on the blog I don't use many hair products aside from hairspray when I curl my hair, I don't find they work well with my hair and give much of a positive effect at all. Some oils have been ok, but can seem to coat my hair rather than actually penetrate it and do some good.

So far though, this one has been an anomaly!



Spraying this on my hair after washing and before drying is such a simple thing but it makes such a big difference. My hair feels so much smoother and in much better condition after only a week's worth of usage.

Even though it's just a spray I can't believe how different this product is from so many others I have tried before it. It's supposedly for dry, coarse or brittle hair. My hair is dry from being so long but it isn't generally coarse or brittle, and it can easily become greasy from applying products to it, no matter how 'lightweight' they claim to be.

This spray has genuinely had such a great effect on my hair that I would definitely consider trying out more products from Bb, I will certainly be making a wishlist in time for my birthday later this month!

Have you tried products from Bumble and bumble? What's your favourite?
Do you prefer spray type products or serums?

L xxx


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Only a few more days until a romantic weekend is upon us.........unless you're me and M and you're off to a Harry Potter party in place of doing anything romantic for Valentine's Day. We're too cool!

I don't know about you but dry shampoo is a big part of my life, I use it a few times a week to save me from washing my hair all the time. That way I save time and effort as well as keeping my hair looking bouncy and smelling sweet. I'm a big Batiste fan - the original is usually the best.....but after my mum bought me these Herbal Essences one for Christmas could they be replacing it?


My mum picked up the Uplifting Volume which has a Citrus fragrance and also an original Dry Shampoo with a Natural Tapioca scent.
Both me and my mum have a bit of a thing for scents - we love citrus scents and plain scents. Anything unnatural and strong is totally out of the question and I can't be going near it!



The packaging promises a 1st Day Clean feel by utilising a formula containing natural tapioca.

It works exactly as any other dry shampoo, you spray it in and work it into your roots. I like to leave it on as long as possible and if you want my number one tip.....spray it on before bed and wake up with fully revitalised hair, It works a treat and requires no brushing or the dreaded 'grey halo' effect where no amount of brushing can save you. Now that my hair is back to its natural brown/black colour this is something I am permanently scared of!



The citrus fragrance for this is perfect, it's light and not overpowering at all and I really like it. 
The natural tapioca is also a really light scent and to be honest, I find both of these better than Batiste.

These are both really great and based on this alone I would repurchase as having my hair smell like these would be awesome!

It's also great that there are no parabens or colourants - any products with less chemicals in is a winner in my books though i wonder if something else has replaced them.



The texture of this is a little weird. I feel like it does absorb a lot of oil from my hair, and therefore works well as a dry shampoo - performing the task it was designed to do. However unlike Batiste this feels like a hairspray with absorbent particles in it and so sometimes I feel like it coats my hair in unnecessary extra product and weighs it down rather than giving it 'uplifting volume'.


Overall I'm seriously impressed that Herbal Essences have created absolutely great smelling dry shampoos and I would buy them again for this alone. However when it comes to performing the task it was designed to do I feel like the extra product can end up weighing the hair down and making it look worse than it did already.

It's really a 50/50 on this one and I'd probably suggest using these if you're a gym goer like myself and can't be washing your hair every day - this product is perfect for you with a stronger scent to mask any sweat and it does absorb oil.

However for other days I would stick with Batiste where I just need the crown of my hair to look a bit less greasy to get me through another day.

Both have their place but for different reasons.

Have you tried the Herbal Essences Dry Shampoos? Which scent do you recommend?

In future when I've used these up I'm going to try out the Aussie and the CoLab dry shampoos and compare them also - dry shampoo is such a vital thing in my life for looking good that its way more than an essential now!
Are you hooked on dry shampoo for its' time saving abilities?? Do you have any other brands that you would suggest?

L xxx


Friday, 24 January 2014

How to: Make Your Hair Grow


I've got a different kind of post for you today. I'm one of those people that always wants their hair to grow....but I can't resist having it trimmed regularly either because I hate having dead ends which always look worse on longer hair.

So I've been trying to grow that little bit longer each month and I think I've got some tips on how to make it grow longer and stay in better condition that i thought I'd share.

1) Condition, condition, condition! This isn't a new thing but its so important to keep your hair strong. My favourite products for this are Mane n Tail conditioner (post here), Aussie's 3 minute miracle and Macadamia's Deep Repair Masque. 
I use the Mane n Tail conditioner throughout the week and then the Aussie and Macadamia once per week depending on which I can afford!

2) Detangler, Heat Protection and Protein Sprays. Use as many as you like but all will help. I was never a fan for hair products as I never felt they did anything, but the detangler will help when you brush your hair and stop hair breaking as easily. I am currently using Ojon's Revitalising Mist. Heat protection sprays I have no idea about really, but apparently they do work and I think if a light covering over your hair prevents even a small percentage of it from heat  I'm all for it!
As for Protein Sprays there's only one for me and its the Label.M Protein Spray. It's lightweight and really does the job for adding an extra hit for your hair.

3) Tangle Teezer. I barely need to say any more, but I can assure you since getting one for Christmas I have never gone back and used my paddle brush since. 
It has stopped my hair breakage almost 100% and glides through my tangles without pulling or snapping any of them yet the miraculously disappear. This would be my number one tip for anyone wanting hair growth!

4) Give up the styling. For some people this is really hard. Unfortunately/fortunately for me I have to wear my hair tied up and in a bun every single day which has helped greatly with reducing my usage of heated styling. I seem to end up straightening or curling my hair twice a month now for special occasions but its made a huge difference to my hair.
Even if you could swap 2 days of beautifully styled hair for a neat bun it will help a lot. Bun rings are all the rage at the moment and for an extra bit of hydration I have covered the ends of my hair in oil before tying it up in a bun so it can hydrate itself all day long whilst I'm working!
I'm currently using Ojon's Rare Blend Oil.

5) Food. One of my favourite topics! I believe that a diet rich in protein, veg and good fats has made a huge difference to my skin and hair.
Not only is it better for yourself to eat a diet like this anyway but it will greatly improve your skin, hair, nails and general fitness and wellbeing.
Try adding in some extra oily fish like salmon, nuts, eggs, spinach, sweet potato, poultry and greek yogurt to your diet a few times a week and your hair will definitely improve from lank to full bodied and shiny.

I hope this has been helpful for you, it's made a massive difference for my hair and its now almost at waist level.....woohoo!

L xxx


Monday, 20 August 2012

London Haul

On Saturday I went up to London for a day of shopping (even though I'm skint, bad me) and to catch up with a very old friend. I've not seen this friend for 5 years now. Circumstances like university separeted us and although we are in regular contact I haven't seen her in person for some time.

I actually got nervous waiting for her. Stupid considering I've know her for 23 years (all my life) I did worry things would change. I shouldn't have panicked we spent the whole day nattering away and gossiping as well as being a bad influence on each other. Cocktails of course were consumed too!! Yum

Here's all the bits I picked up. I did get some gorgeous neon lilac skinny jeans from Next which I loved but returned today as I was worried I wouldn't wear them.

Firstly we visited Topshop where I really needed to pick up some new sunglasses. I recently found a lot of pairs of aviators are wonky that I try on. The lenses don't seem evenly bent it's really odd. I've found some like this in Topshop and H and M.

In the end I went with some lovely bug eye ones that had cute bow detail on the sides of them. They can be purchased for £16.

The cute bow detail on these sucked me straight in as well as the tortoiseshell print. They are a little more than I normally spend on sunglasses (cheap and cheerful for me as I break or lose them within a year) but it was a hot day and I needed some. I just need a sunglasses case now if you know of cute ones let me now!!

Next up was River Island. My friend had given me a £20 voucher for River Island which I hadn't spent yet as I was planning on picking up a new handbag! Bags appeared in my August Wishlist. I loved the dogtooth one I posted on my wishlist but decided to go for a classic black bag in the end. This one was £35 found.

The bag looks a nicer leather in person. I love the shape on this bag and the fact it has a short handle so it can be held in the crock of the elbow and a long strap which can be put over the shoulder. I love the detail on the front pocket and the fact the clasp can be looked in. I choose this one over others in the end as it has silver detail and I wear silver more.

Boots was next on the list. How could I not go in there and I wanted L'Oreal Mythic Oil (which I've now learnt isn't available in Boots or Superdrug) I've run out of my Lee Stafford oil and my hair is feeling so dry. It needs something drastic. I picked up the VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil. It was only £5.19 so I thought it was worth a try. 

It seems very liquidy so I'm not sure how I'll get on. I also spied an amazing looking Bourjois Mascara but none of the ones in boots were sealed so I decided to wait and see if Superdrug has better ones.

I couldn't resist picking up some accessories in Dorothy Perkins. I love their jewellery ranges and I love getting new rings to wear. I'm lacking gold costume jewellery so couldn't resist some rings when I saw they were buy one get one half price on all non sale jewellery.

I loved the big multi ring and it looks so nice on. This one was £6.50  and the bow was so simple and cute I couldn't not have it. It was £4.00 full price but I go it for £2 

I also picked up a belt. I'd previously spotted this earlier on in the day in New Look but the ones in there were already missing studs on them so when I saw it again in Dorothy Perkins I couldn't resist it. It was £7. I can't find it online but there were lots in store. It's also my first studded item. I know shocking right. I need some dolly shoes next.

Superdrug them tempted me to more make up. I just have no will power.

At the till these were on offer on 2 for £5 I couldn't resist as I love the other two I have. I didn't have much time to pick so quickly grabbed too. I love navy nails and this shade looks pretty not sure the name cloudy blue is really appropriate though. More of a midnight blue in my opinion. Sunny pink is a gorgeous monochrome shade with hints of gold through the pink.

They are £2.99 each (currently a £1 off) or 2 for £5. Found here and here. I love the Max Effect polishes. 

Then I saw the mascaras shrink wrapped, so much more hygenic. So quickly grabbed one up. The Bourjois Mascaras are currently £2 in Boots and Superdrug making then a pretty bargain at £7.99. 

I haven't used it yet so can't comment. The brush is a big bristle brush which I love so it seems promising already. Though I have now noticed I accidentally picked up the waterproof version, luckily I'm off on holiday soon so it won't go to waste. I will pick up the normal one to try soon.

Lastly in Superdrug I picked up a Me Me Me liquid highlighter. A copy of the Benefit ones. I've wanted to try the liquid highlighters for a while as I love my MAC MSF in soft and gentle but with some foundations it seems to cling. I'm hoping the liquid one will be better. Plus it was £2 off so I couldn't resist. Bargain for £3.25 (here)

I went with the shade Sunbeam. It's the golden version. I couldn't decide between the two so might go back for Moonbeam while it's still cheap. I'm hoping it's good. I really want the cheek tints they do as well as a blushed I've been recommended. A lot of there products are similar to Benefit with a more affordable price tag so I can't wait to explore this brand more.

Lastly I went into H and M to return my wonky sunglasses. They were new and when I tried them on noticed the lenses were different shapes. I picked up a second pair of shorts I bought a few months back in a size smaller as I've lost a bit of weight and they are the comfiest shorts I didn't want to not have them.

These are boyfriend cut and loose and comfy but a really nice shape on. They are £19.99 and worth it. They don't have them online but they did have plenty in my local store still too.

I love them and I'm hoping they'll last a while. They seem a thick good denim. I loving H and M this summer for clothes and I've bought a lot from there. I just found these cute lace shorts I know really want.

So that's the end of my rather large shopping spree. What do you think of these items? Do you have any of them?

Love M 

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