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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Giveaway!

Hello everyone!!

We have made it to our FIFTH BIRTHDAY!! We can't quite believe it but we have now been writing this blog for five years and looking back at some of the posts we have written.....some are so cringe but we wouldn't be where we are today without them, including the bad photography and cliche product reviews, ha!

This blog has given us so many opportunities and we've made some great friends over the last 5 years, if you've stuck with us from the beginning then this is a HUGE thank you! If you're new then thank you for joining us, I hope you like what you see! We're so grateful for everyhting and it has given us a place to share our thoughts on the latest lipstick, holiday snaps and generally everything we have been up to. It has been so much fun and we hope to continue getting better and embracing more!

Obviously we are very excited to celebrate and share with you some of our favourite products as a thank you for sticking with us over these crazy few years, so take a look and enter the giveaway below!

Image from Pinterest!

The giveaway includes:

TWO Freedom Pro Artist Lipstick Palettes: 1 in Reds and 1 in Naked
ONE Make Up Revolution Cream Contour Palette in Fair
THREE pans from Phee's Make Up Shop including our favourite highlighters Luna and Bellini, and the new eyeshadow Citrine
TWO Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Liner Pencils in Nude and Black
ONE Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

5th Birthday Giveaway

5th Birthday Giveaway

5th Birthday Giveaway

These have been some of our favourites over the last few years. There are obviously a lot more products we have tried and loved but these have stood out to us for many reasons and altogether make a great addition to anyone's make up collection.

All you need to add is your base make up and everything else is covered!
The pans can be seen below in more detail, left to right is Luna, Citrine and Bellini:

5th Birthday Giveaway

5th Birthday Giveaway!

We're big fans of Make Up Revolution but the cream contour palette has been a huge favourite even though we've only had it a few weeks!
Contouring is everything right now and cream allows you to blend to create your favourite look so easily.

5th Birthday Giveaway!

5th Birthday Giveaway!

5th Birthday Giveaway!

The Scandaleyes pencils and the Maybelline mascara are long term favourites for night and day, you can create any look you like from work in the day and lunch with the girls to a Saturday night out with cocktails, they never let us down.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway you can do so below, some entries are mandatory and others are free extras!

Don't forget to leave a comment below with your social media accounts and let us know the best way to contact you if you win.

If you have any questions please let us know via email or twitter. The giveaway will run from today until the end of the month (31st of  January GMT) and is only available for UK entries - sorry for any inconvenience about that!

GOOD LUCK!!! We will be celebrating with some cocktails next weekend at Celtic Manor, cheers!!!

L and M xxx

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Friday, 13 January 2017

Blogger Secret Santa

Hey All

Long time no post from me. With Christmas and trying to write up some stuff for work, I've been rushed off my feet. Hope everyone had amazing Christmases. I've been meaning to write this for ages. When I saw Serena from Pretty Wild Things was arranging a secret santa I decided to get involved. I've not done something like this before and thought it would be fun!

Sarah From Jester Joker Fool was buying for me and absolutely spoilt me! I've never tried any Asian beauty products but have heard so much about loads of brands so I was so excited to open it up!


So far I've tested out on of the sheet masks (the clear skin one! wow this left my skin feeling amazing!!!!!) and the Etude House Bloody Halloween Eyeshadow palette. As soon as I opened it I tested this out. I love the red tones in it and the pigmentation is so impressive. I can totally understand why people rave about Etude house.


Have you tried any Asian Beauty products?

Thanks so much to Sarah for my amazing presents and thanks to Serena for organising it!!

Love M


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Temple Spa Treatments at the Vale Resort and Spa

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had the pleasure of attending the infamous Vale Resort Spa* last week to try out one of their new facials launching this month.

If you don't know much about the Vale Resort .....where on earth have you been?!

The resort contains a four star hotel with conference facilities, restaurants, champagne bars, award winning golf course, leisure, spa and sports facilities. I can reassure you that if it is good enough for the Welsh rugby team, Cardiff Blues, Welsh football team and Cardiff City FC on a regular basis plus Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool it is certainly good enough for me!

The spa contains the largest spa in Wales and offers more than 50 different traditional and holistic treatments - it is absolutely huge! There are 19 treatment rooms and 6 bespoke relaxation zones with various names and purposes, I'll talk more about these later on. The facilities also include a 20m pool, whirlpool bath, sauna and steam room plus state of the art gym, fitness studios and squash and tennis courts.

Image from The Vale Resort

Image from The Vale Resort

The spa itself also has a lovely cafe area called the Chai cafe where you can order drinks including teas, coffees and champagne as well as the real treat - afternoon tea! I can just imagine how relaxing it is to spend a day here, the atmosphere is so chilled you can easily lose track of time and treating yourself with an afternoon tea as well would easily rate as one of the best days in my opinion.

Upon arrival at the spa I was booked in and given a bag full of my robe, slippers and towel for the afternoon. After changing into these I began to find my way around.

The Vale Resort Spa

The Vale Resort Spa

The changing rooms were lovely and clean and had a really simple design with purple doors on the lockers. I really liked the look of this, and particularly liked the locking system. For these doors you don't need a key or a pound coin, you just type your own four digit code in and lock it, needing the same code to open it again. This is SO useful at spas when you're taking your robe on and off for treatments etc, and also you don't ruin any swimwear with safety pins....such a good idea and I wish more places had this.

In fact it would be a great idea for the lockers in the gym downstairs too...sneaky suggestion for future upgrades?!

One of the ladies behind reception gave me a quick tour after this and I was very grateful as there are so many rooms at first it can seem like a maze! However once I'd been taken around it was quite easy to find your way.

The Vale Resort Spa

Image from The Vale Resort

Image from The Vale Resort

The various different relaxation rooms are a treat, my favourite was the float zone. Hands down this was amazing and after finding this and spending 10 minutes on a heated water bed I had completely forgotten about any niggles that were on my mind. If you don't try out any other rooms, make sure you try out this one, although it is popular with groups so can fill up quickly.

There is also a chill-out zone with leather sofas and magazines (I saw lots of men here, great to see men enjoying spa days too!), and a slumber zone with low lighting and quilts. I didn't get around them all but there is certainly something for everyone, you can even eat and drink in one of them!

Before my treatment I managed to try out the sauna, steam room and whirlpool for a quick dip before getting to the main event, my treatment.

During my visit I was treated to a Temple Spa My Kinda skin prescriptive facial from the new partnership with Temple Spa, this takes 55 mins and costs £60.

Temple Spa is a luxury British brand and offers a Mediterranean inspired collection of massage and facial treatments with the highest quality ingredients. Currently the Vale Resort Spa is the only place in South Wales to offer this brand, so I was very excited to try them out and see what they had to offer.

Temple Spa Treatments
Image from The Vale Resort

Temple Spa Treatments
Image from The Vale Resort
This facial is prescriptive depending on what your skin needs, I know my skin is combination but can be really dehydrated so I asked for as much hydration as possible to sort it out. My therapist was called Cayce and she was lovely, asked me all about my skin and what I was looking for before leaving me to get settled.

Once I was comfortable on the table the treatment began, and there were all sorts of wonderful smells of essential oils. She even put some lotion onto my feet and wrapped them up in a towel before the facial began so I knew I was in for a treat.

At this point I'd love to go into detail about the various stages of the treatment but firstly I think that would ruin the experience and secondly I can't remember them all. It was the most comprehensive facial I've ever had and I relaxed so much that I wouldn't remember everything that happened!

My skin was cleansed, toned, scrubbed, moisturised and copious amount of hydrating products layered onto it and by the end it felt amazing. The facial also includes lymph drainage and a face, scalp and hand massage of your choosing which is always a lovely bonus when the masks are on your face and the sign of a luxury treatment. I wasn't actually given a choice but was given the scalp massage which is what I would have chosen, I always feel so relaxed after them don't you??

The Vale Resort Spa

After the treatment Cayce brought me a glass of water and showed me back to a relaxation area of my choice to continue my spa experience and I was also given a card with my 'spa prescription' of recommended products. I was advised to leave the products on my face for as long as possible to let the high quality ingredients work their magic so I did exactly that and the day after my skin still had that glowy feel.

I fully enjoyed my afternoon at the Vale Resort Spa and left feeling like I was ready to take on whatever was thrown at me during my first day back to work after Christmas which is saying quite a lot! I also left with a few travel sized products so I am hoping to test them out over the next few weeks and see how they fare on a normal day applied by myself.

I can honestly say I will be back for more and looking at the list of treatments it would be very hard to choose. There are a variety of different Temple Spa facials lasting between 55 mins and 85 mins, and various Temple Spa body treatments lasting between 40 and 70 mins so there is something for everyone. I think I will have to go back and try a massage soon!

Have you been to the Vale Resort Spa before? Will you be going to try out their new Temple Spa treatments?
What's your favourite kind of treatment in general? Let me know!

L xxx

*The My Kinda Skin facial and half spa day was kindly given to me to try out and review the new treatment, all of my opinions however are completely honest

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