Maybelline Color Show: Brocades

Good morning to you all!

These polishes were snapped up by myself on a shopping trip over Christmas and although they’ve been worn lots I just haven’t had chance to post about them yet!

I’m a fan of the Color Show range from Maybelline, the bottles aren’t huge but for £3/4 you can try out some new colours that you weren’t sure you’d like etc and its a great way to build up a collection with a great quality product.


The Brocades were brought out in time for the festive period; you can NEVER go wrong with a glitter at Christmas time and Maybelline brought out the brocades in a gold, black, pink and a silver.
I’m not a big silver wearer so decided to pick up the other three in a 3 for 2 deal at my beloved Boots.

I swear almost all my wages get spent there!



You can see in the pictures above the colours; the Knitted Gold is very much a rose gold colour, Woven Skyline is exactly how you’d expect New York to look at night if it was a nail varnish and Rosy Rosettes is a gorgeous shimmery pink.


So how did they fare on the nails?

I decided to do an accent nail over the past few weeks so here are my shots with the pink and gold colours doing just that.



These were taken with and without flash after 2 coats. Some nails as I;m sure you can see could do with another coat….but 3 layers of a glitter polish is nightmare number 1 when it comes to removal so I had to stop myself knowing how fickle I am with changing them.

The colours are great and the gold was a nice addition to my collection as I don’t have any rose gold colours.


I have to say though, however much i love the pink and gold the black didn’t fare as well. The photos below show 2 coats again and it just wasn’t enough.



You can still see a lot of my nails through the polish as it wasn’t dense enough. This was a beautiful polish but would definitely require another polish underneath as a base colour before application otherwise who knows how many layers you’ll end up with and that many hours of removal would drive anyone insane!


I really love the effects though, I’m a sucker for a glitter and these jelly types ones were really good and the range of colours means that anyone will want one.

Being glitters they also lasted really well on my nails even through working in the lab and i did get some compliments of how lovely and sparkly they were!

Have you tried the Maybelline Brocades? Which colour is your favourite?

L xxx


  1. Catherine
    February 1, 2014 / 9:01 am

    I really wanted the gold one, searched for it during my last few boots trips but was nowhere to be seen, waaah! I love glitter 🙂 Got a fairly good 17 dupe, so all good 🙂

  2. Essjay23x
    February 1, 2014 / 9:51 am

    Firstly, thank you. I've been trying to find a gold glitter varnish to have a go at this pink nail, gold tip manicure that Buy now, Blog later et al have been doing. Will see if I can get somebody to get this for me later? Secondly, your nails look so healthy! You've made me want to find my nail file! xx

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