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A few weeks ago L shared her Top 5 skincare products (post here) so I thought I’d do the beauty version, I’ve been totally cruelty free in all purchases of make up for over 18 months, it’s taken some discovery with some brands being shady about it and some brands making the decision to sell in china so are going back to animal testing (Nars I’m looking at you, that decision broke my heart!) Anyway, so here are some of my favourites!

cruelty free beauty

Let’s ignore the fact my Kat Von D looks a mess as I’ve had to repress my one of the shades! So in no partical order here are the brands I’ve either loved all along, discovered since going cruelty free or new brands!

Kat Von D Beauty

I’ve technically only got one product from Kat Von D. The shade and light eye palette (review here) is still one of my favourites, The formulations, the colours and the overall product are amazing. I’m still lusting more of the range, the foundation and the concealer are next on my list and with the counter now open in Cardiff it won’t be long till they’re mine (The foundation is currently on my hand!). As a brand they have so many colour options for a super pale lady like me!


We love spectrum, not only are they a brand from South Wales the ladies behind the brand are amazing, they remind us so much of us, all this aside they also produce amazing products. When I first saw the brushes I wondered is something so pretty could be good too (If you’ve not seen the Glam Clam go look, one day it’ll be mine!). When we got invited to the event we were blown away, everything was so pretty and the brushes are amazing, super soft and amazing quality, L will be sharing her latest set soon! You can see our posts on spectrum products so far here.

Phee’s Makeup Shop

Phee’s make up has been one I’ve loved for a while and i’ve got L hooked now, they’re amazing quality, you will glow in her highlighters and the eyeshadows are amazing colours. Not only that the products are bargains and all hand made by Phee herself!! 

cruelty free beauty

Urban Decay

Well I don’t know where to start with Urban Decay, I love all their products, eyeshadows, foundations, concealers, lipsticks, mascara, bronzer, highlighter and everything I love. They have amazing palettes and everything is great quality. Their foundations are some that I always reach for and the Naked palettes make for easy make up applications, we’ve featured Urban Decay a lot on this blog you can find all our reviews here


Illamasqua is a brand I loved prior to going cruelty free (all our illamasqua posts are here) skin base has been a firm favourite in my collection for around 3 years now, it gives a flawless finish and lasts well. I’ve also got pigments and a lipstick I love. I really want the cream pigment in hollow next as it’s meant to be an amazing contour for paler skin tones!

Freedom/Make up Revolution

I’ve included these two brands in one as they are all part of the same brand I believe along with I Heart Make Up, correct me if I’m wrong. The lipstick palette in the photo I’ve reviewed here, is so pigmented and has a great selection of shade sin it, they come in three colours and are a bargain £10. Here is link for our Make up Revolution tag, we’ve tried a lot now including eyeshadow palettes, powder contours, lipsticks, cream contours (my absolute favourite!) and a concealer – this is the one product I haven’t got on with, but on the whole the products are amazing and absolute bargains!

Cruelty free beauty


When this counter opened in Cardiff we were pretty excited, I’d seen so much about the Lip Lingeries and couldn’t wait to get my hands on them, what I didn’t expect was all the other amazing products, the pencil liners are an amazing gel texture very similar to the 24/7 liners! The vinyl matte liquid liners are some of my favourites, they have a super precise point and are easy to make a sharp wing, the contour powders and liquid contours have great cool tones and the the eyebrow gel is a strong favourite of mine and L’s, if all of these recommendations aren’t enough their eye shadows have amazing pigmentation and are so cheap, they also have a great selection of bright colours! You can see the products we’ve already reviewed here.


I was first introduced to this product when I went on a shoot with my mum, they used the products for our make up and I fell in love with the I-Groom pencil, I’m on my third now, the neutral colour works no matter my skin tone, the blush feature above was one my mum actually bought at the photo shoot but as she didn’t use it much she gave it to me, it’s in the colour i-pop and I love it, it gives a soft pink flush that just suits my skin tone, L is absolutely loving the highlight version of this! Posts here.

The Body Shop

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know we love The Body Shop at the moment, not only are they cruelty free they are actively anti animal testing and also have a great range of vegan products.We love all the skincare and beauty products alike. I’ve reviewed their great liquid matte lip stains here, they’re great quality and only £6 each, the stand out make up product for me is the shade adjusting drops which for some reason I’ve not reviewed on here yet. I think it’s one of those I keep forgetting to post!

Storybook Cosmetics

Last but by no means least is Storybook Cosmetics, L and I absolutely love Harry Potter so when we saw a brand bringing out wand inspired brushes I snapped them right up, they then released a palette which we also both had to have, the pigmentation and quality of these is second to know and they aren’t afraid to use bright colours, did you see of reviews of their products here

So there we have it… hope you found this useful? What are your favourite cruelty free brands?

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